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Moustache Club


Though oft accused of idle pomp and bombasticism, the Moustache Club certainly endorses nothing of the sort. Their esteemed moustachioed envoys have striven for nothing save three goals: the betterment of society through the medium of volunteer labor, the promotion of glorious facial hair growth upon the upper lip, and talking like this. Females may join as well, so long as they make a valiant effort to produce a moustache.

  • moustache club
    Moustache enthusiasts
  • Moustache club
    Members of the Moustache Club in 2006
  • moustachioed
    This man can grow a moustache.
  • Moustache envy
    Women are encouraged to participate in the Moustache Club in whatever manner they are able. (Image from a 2006 DVDfest feature.)
  • State of the Moustache Address 2010
    Blake Hansen ’10, president of the Moustache Club, delivers the 2010 State of the Moustache Address with the help of his VP, Drew Chambers ’10.


    Margaret Taylor '10