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Aid for International Students

We have limited funds for international scholarships. However, the following scholarship opportunities are available:

  • Up to six full scholarships covering Carleton's comprehensive fee, including tuition, room and board.
  • Up to six partial scholarships with a maximum value of one-half of Carleton's comprehensive fee.

Applying for These Scholarships

First, submit the Common Application. All international students should also complete the Certification of Finances, which should be submitted directly to the Admissions Office.

International students who seek financial aid need to also complete either the CSS/Profile (submitted through the College Board website to Student Financial Services) or the International Student Financial Aid Application (submitted by you directly to Admissions). Although the CSS/Profile requires a fee payment, neither the Certification of Finances nor the International Student Financial Aid Application require a fee to complete. Regular Decision candidates should submit these forms to Carleton by January 15. The majority of our international scholarships will be awarded via the Regular Decision process. However, due to increased demand, Carleton will consider a few exceptionally qualified international scholarship applicants for Early Decision. Read on to learn more about the international admissions process. 

Students who hold dual citizenship (including U.S.), those who have U.S. permanent resident status (I-151, I-551, or I-551C), and non-citizens holding arrival-departure records (I-94) with certain designations may qualify for federal financial aid. These students should review the Affording Carleton section.

Funding for International Scholarships

Carleton is grateful for these resources which have made international scholarships available:

  • Starr Foundation Grants: (largest source of funding) Scholarship opportunities for students from Asia.
  • Kellogg Scholarships: Financial aid for highly qualified non-U.S. citizens to attend Carleton.
  • George International Fellowships: Aid to students from developing nations who determine economic need and exceptional academic promise.
  • Underbrink Fund for Global Initiatives: established with gifts from the estate of F. Keith Underbrink, a member of the Carleton Class of 1956, this scholarship provides financial aid to international students

Important Note for International Students: Financial assistance is secured at the time of your entry to Carleton.  Given the limited funding available to international students, we will NOT consider new applications for aid once you have enrolled.  You should make your plans for attendance at Carleton with the financial aid you have been awarded for your first year.  International students awarded assistance can assume that level of aid will continue during the four years at Carleton.  However, you should not assume that increased aid will be available in subsequent years.  With this in mind, aid applications after the first year are not required.  But, the Certification of Finances is required each year to renew your visa status.

Undocumented Students

Each year we consider applications from students living in the United States without documentation of U.S. citizenship or legal permanent residency.   Because of our limited financial resources, we must consider these undocumented students among all international applicants applying for aid.  Undocumented students are eligible for Carleton-based grants and loans.  We have created a special page to address the admissions and financial aid concerns of undocumented students.