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Class of 2013 Profile

The 533 members of Carleton's class of 2013 represent 44 states and 17 countries. They are academically motivated and are diverse in almost every sense of the term. These pages are a glimpse into the class.

  • Highlights

    An introduction to the Carleton class of 2013: general statistics, notable achievements, and financial aid facts
  • What class members have done

    Students in the class of 2013 have undertaken an impressive array of endeavors, including service, adventure, research, and language accomplishments. Find out what they have done before they even arrived at Carleton....
  • Facts & Figures

    Where does the class of 2013 come from? What were their class ranks and test scores? How much financial aid did they receive? Find out here....
  • Nine Students

    Read the stories of nine members of the class of 2013. Find out what they did before Carleton, where they are from, what makes them tick, and what their plans are.