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Does Carleton offer a law program?

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    The Admissions Office:

    Yes, Carleton does offer a 3-3 law program in conjunction with Columbia University. Students complete three years at Carleton and then can go on to three years of law school at Columbia. After 6 years, the student will have a BA from Carleton and a JD from Columbia -- provided that they have completed all graduation requirements from both institutions. Admission to this combined plan is limited to 2 students per year and the students must apply early in their junior year at Carleton if they would like to be considered.

    While law is a popular field for many of our graduates, not many Carleton students choose to take advantage of this partnership with Columbia. Carleton students typically enjoy spending four years on undergraduate course work, which will make them more well rounded individuals and competitive law school applicant. Harvard, Yale, Northwestern, and New York University have all sent recruiters to our campus and are among the top 25 law schools that Carleton graduates have attended in the last 3 decades.

    As you can see, the combined program is just one of the ways Carleton graduates choose to pursue a law degree at a top university. Whatever path you choose, our pre-law advisor will see you through the LSAT, the application process, and beyond.