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Does Carleton offer any pre-veterinary studies courses?

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    The Admissions Office:

    Because we are a liberal arts school, rather than a pre-profesisonal school, we do not have courses specifically geared toward any one profession (veterinary or otherwise). Our hope is to provide students with a broad and meaningful education that serves them in whatever field they pursue beyond college.

    This does not mean, however, that Carleton students do not go on to become veterinarians. Carleton has a strong science program and science majors end up with a solid foundation that makes them competitive applicants to graduate school in a variety of fields, including veterinary studies.

    In addition to required courses, students also often use electives within a major to tailor their learning to current interests and future goals. So, for example, a biology major interested in vet school might include classes such as "Animal Behavior," "Environmental Animal Physiology," and "Animal Developmental Biology" in his/her course of study.