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  • Q: What does the social life of a student consist of? Are parties considered a normality or a matter of expulsion?
  • Johnson House
    The Admissions Office:

    The answer to the first question is: the social life depends on the student. For some, the perfect Friday night is spent watching movies with friends. For others it is spent at a coffee shop, or holding a bonfire on Mai Fete Island. Maybe it's running in the arboretum, or playing Frisbee with floor-mates. And since this is Carleton, there is probably someone playing Scrabble somewhere, or knitting, or juggling.

    As to the second question: a party certainly isn't a reason to expel someone. No one, to our knowledge, has died from dancing badly, or often. Because this is a college, and because some of our students are over 21, there are parties that involve alcohol (though there are plenty that do not). If a party involves alcohol, we expect students to make healthy and legal choices. If someone makes poor choices, then each case is dealt with individually and in accordance with school policy.

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