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  • Q: What is the difference between a major and a minor?
    A: Every student at Carleton is required to declare a major in the… (1 answer)
  • Q: Do I need to achieve a certain GPA or admission test score for colleges to consider me?
    A: At Carleton, no. We want to get the whole picture before we make… (1 answer)
  • Q: What standardized test scores does Carleton require with my application?
    A: Carleton requires each applicant to submit results of the SAT or… (1 answer)
  • Q: I live outside the U.S. Can I send admission documents by fax or email?
    A: Yes, you may fax them to 507-222-4526 or email… (1 answer)
  • Q: Any advice for high school students on their college search?
    A: Don't turn Carleton down after the first view, and don't accept… (7 answers)
  • Q: Carleton calls itself a liberal arts college. What exactly does that mean?
    A: I was able to find what I'm really interested in while here. I… (2 answers)
  • Q: Is it hard to afford a private college like Carleton?
    A: Financial aid was a really big factor. I come from a low-income… (2 answers)
  • Q: What is the percentage of students that are offered scholarships through Carleton college, and what is the average scholarship?
    A: Carleton's financial aid is primarily need-based. This means… (1 answer)
  • Q: What sports does Carleton offer? How can I find out more about your sports programs?
    A: Carleton offers 20 Varsity Athletic teams competing in NCAA's… (1 answer)
  • Q: Do you grant credit for college classes taken in high school?
    A: Carleton does accept up to 36 credits toward the Carleton degree… (1 answer)
  • Q: Does Carleton have regular religious services on campus?
    A: Carleton's Chapel holds weekly worship services and special… (1 answer)
  • Q: What does the social life of a student consist of? Are parties considered a normality or a matter of expulsion?
    A: The answer to the first question is: the social life depends on… (1 answer)
  • Q: My grades during freshman year weren't very good, but since then they have improved tremendously. Will my freshman grades keep me from being accepted at a rigorous school like Carleton?
    A: There is no question that we consider GPA in making our… (1 answer)
  • Q: Do I still get as much financial aid if I am a transfer student?
    A: Carleton's financial aid is primarily need-based. This means… (1 answer)
  • Q: Does Carleton have a language requirement?
    A: Carleton does require that all students take four terms of a… (1 answer)
  • Q: What's the application process for transfer students? What do I need to submit?
    A: Carleton accepts a number of transfer students for each fall… (1 answer)
  • Q: As an international student, am I eligible for Financial Aid?
    A: International students are not eligible for federal aid.… (1 answer)
  • Q: Is there any financial assistance for students who meet the minimum of preferred test scores at Carleton?
    A: Carleton operates a need-based financial aid system, not a… (1 answer)
  • Q: Does Carleton offer any pre-veterinary studies courses?
    A: Because we are a liberal arts school, rather than a… (1 answer)
  • Q: What kind of advice/counseling does Carleton offer students who plan to apply to medical schools?
    A: Carleton does offer a Pre-Medical program. This program is not a… (1 answer)
  • Q: How many times a year do the dorms close, when the students need to find alternate arrangements, during holidays and the like?
    A: All Carleton housing is open during the school year.… (1 answer)
  • Q: Does Carleton offer a law program?
    A: Yes, Carleton does offer a 3-3 law program in conjunction with… (1 answer)
  • Q: Why, out of all the other places to attend, should I choose Carleton?
    A: Students come to Carleton for all different reasons, but here… (1 answer)
  • Q: Do many people interview with Carleton? Is an interview required?
    A: An interview is not a required part of the application, but it… (1 answer)
  • Q: What are the Minnesota winters like?
    A: Yes, it's cold here in the winter--but far from being a frozen… (1 answer)
  • Q: Are campus jobs available for students who need work?
    A: Most students receiving financial aid have a part-time campus… (1 answer)
  • Q: Your web site says interviews are recommended. Am I less likely to be admitted if I don't do an interview?
    A: Although we recommend interviews as a way to get better… (1 answer)
  • Q: Does Carleton offer merit scholarships?
    A: Most Carleton financial aid is in the form of need-based aid.… (1 answer)
  • Q: My grades so far in sophomore year aren't great. Are top colleges still going to want me?
    A: There's no question that GPA matters, especially at leading… (1 answer)
  • Q: What kind of extracurricular involvement are selective colleges like Carleton looking for?
    A: Selective colleges like Carleton are looking for well-rounded… (1 answer)
  • Q: I am not a very good test taker. I have A 4.0 GPA but only an average ACT score. Do I have a chance of getting into Carleton?
    A: When making admission decisions, our counselors look at a… (1 answer)
  • Q: Does Carleton look at weighted GPA based on class strength, or unweighted GPA?
    A: We'll look most closely at weighted GPA, if that information is… (1 answer)
  • Q: My documents are not in English. Do I need to translate my documents before sending them?
    A: Yes, we need certified translations of your documents.… (1 answer)
  • Q: The SAT tests are not available in my country, what should I do?
    A: We will waive this requirement for students in this situation.… (1 answer)
  • Q: I cannot submit a "guidance counselor" recommendation because my school does not have a position like that. What should I do?
    A: A recommendation from a school official or principal is… (1 answer)
  • Q: I am an international student, and I am not sure if I should apply as a transfer or freshman applicant. Can you help me?
    A: Yes, please provide more details and we’ll be glad to help.… (1 answer)
  • Q: Is an interview required for international applicants?
    A: No, interviews are not required in any way for admission.… (1 answer)
  • Q: How could I contact current international students at Carleton?
    A: Our international student web site contains a link which will… (1 answer)
  • Q: Can you give me an idea of preferred scores for TOEFL and IELTS exams?
    A: We have found that students with scores in these ranges are… (1 answer)
  • Q: Can international students defer their entry to Carleton for a year?
    A: Yes, but this needs to be requested in writing from our Dean of… (1 answer)
  • Q: As an international student, will I have a better chance of being admitted if I offer to pay for my first year and apply for financial aid after I have been admitted?
    A: We ask students to provide a budget for all four years of… (1 answer)
  • Q: I'm from another country. Can I work to help pay for my education? Do I need a social security number?
    A: Yes, if you receive financial assistance from Carleton College… (1 answer)
  • Q: The school system in my country doesn't calculate GPA. What should I do?
    A: We know that GPA (grade point average) is not used in many… (1 answer)
  • Q: There are just too many colleges to choose from. How do I narrow it down?
    A: The sheer number of college choices can be overwhelming! Most… (1 answer)
  • Q: Are college rankings important when choosing the right college?
    A: Even though Carleton tends to do well in college rankings, we… (1 answer)
  • Q: What kind of academic qualifications will get me into selective colleges like Carleton?
    A: Carleton and most other selective schools will want their… (1 answer)
  • Q: Can I show Carleton my art portfolio as part of my application?
    A: The Common Application has an arts supplement which many… (1 answer)