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March 3, 2009 at 3:36 pm

Comps is done!  Holy cow!  It's GREAT to not have to think about it anymore (even though I obviously am) and not I have all this free time to devote to other things.  So here's a countdown that's been rolling through my head the past few days.



School Days Left: Approximately 100.  That's so little time, and there are so many things I want to do before then.  For instance, this weekend Pablo and I are going to the Ebony choreographers meeting to propose our dance for Ebony next term.  It's going to be a dance to "Break The Ice" by Britney Spears and it's going to be amazing.  We started choreographing while we were setting up for mid-winter ball and it involves chair dances and lots of props and booty shaking dancing.  Maybe some real dancing, too.  I also

Days Until The Watchmen: 3!

Watchmen Movie Poster 

Every year, there is a big comic book movie late winter/early spring term.  This year it's The Watchmen.  Now I'm not sure how excited I actually am.  I'm a comic book nerd in training, and didn't read the Watchmen until earlier this year, but have reread it and am now really excited for the movie.  Or am I?  As I recall, I was really excited for X-Men 3 and Spider-Man 3 and both of those were slightly painful.  But Iron Man was really good, so maybe things are looking up?  And there's always Wolverine to rescue the comic book movie industry.

(I have a soft spot for Wolverine)

Days Till Late Night Trivia: 9 (or maybe 10...)

Late Night Trivia is this big campus scavenger hunt-esque event where you get in teams and answer trivia questions or go to the "LNT Gods" and do various things.  Last year, my house's team got points for bringing in a Pokemon poster.  My friends also got points for bringing a piece of hair from a particular student on campus, who happened to be 8 blocks away.  From what I've heard, there was an epic race of one kid in a car and one kid on a bike.  I'm sure it was entirely safe, don't worry, parents.  Anyways, I'm really excited.

Days Since I Re-Joined The World Of Social Networking: 2.  After comps was over I decided to jump headfirst back into the world of the internet.  I now have a Twitter account, set up my google reader, found a handful (which means a lot) of new blogs to check out daily, and caught up on YouTube.  Goodbye, productivity.

Days Till The Death of Duck Bus: 4

Duck Bus is unfortunately playing our last show this Saturday.  Dylan, our bass player, is going off campus next term, and then Pete and I graduate, so we won't be getting any more chances to really play together.  We're throwing a CD Release Party/Concert this weekend to go out with a bang.  We made a bunch of T-Shirts that sold out in one day (we're going to get more materials tonight to make some more for tomorrow).

Death of Duck Bus 6 

Death of Duck Bus 7 

(Pete Jones, part drummer, part model)

I really like to make posters, and I'm pretty proud of these ones, so here's a bunch of posters I made for this weekend.  They all have Ralston, our robot friend.  One of our songs, "Danger/Robot Love," is sort of based off a dream Pete had about Ralston breaking free from the lab (he never specified what lab this lab was) and living among humans.  He had this magical ray that he could use to disintegrate or create anything, and he just used it for good to help people so he could stay out of trouble and not get sent back to the lab.  But then he was about to disintegrate a person and chose to shoot himself instead and he sacrificed himself instead of hurting the person.  Ralston had learned to love.  Pete is a philosophy major, so obviously he's just crazy and not nearly as grounded as someone practical like say, an Econ major.

Looking back that story was pretty pointless.  Sorry, here are the posters.

Death of Duck Bus 1 

Death of Duck Bus 2 

Death of Duck Bus 4 

Death of Duck Bus 5

Death of Duck Bus 3 

(see if you can guess where I got the inspiration for that one)

Minutes Till My Free Dinner: 30

Today is my birhtday, and Hogan Brothers (a really popular sandwich place in town) gives you a free sandwich on your birthday and I love sandwiches and I love free things.  A bunch of my friends are going (but a little early since I have rehearsal later).  I also found 3 other people on campus with the same birthday.

I guess technically that wasn't a countdown since it wasn't really in order.  It was more like, a series of things that have numbers.