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I Am Winter! Don't Forget Me!

March 10, 2009 at 10:14 pm

The term is winding down (tomorrow is our last day of class) and winter decided to hit us with another snow storm.  Actually, it wasn't a snow storm at all.  We've had really nice weather the past week or so (my roommate has been wearing his flip flops, which I think is a little extreme but...) and this was just MN deciding that before we all head off for spring break we should remember where we are.  Anyways, let's do a quick little wrap up of this past weekend and what's in store for Carleton in the next few days.

Saturday night I had a concert with Exit 69, my a cappella group, and with Duck Bus, my band.  I ended up spending part of Saturday day in the twin cities with two friends because we had to go pick up some lights for the Duck Bus show so we stayed in and got lunch (which also turned into my leftovers for dinner).  For our last show, we wanted to do something a little unexpected, so we wanted to throw a "CD Release Party/Last Concert."  We had already played at the Cave this term (on Valentine's Day) and since we had our first show ever in Sayles Great Space, we wanted to do something a little fancy for our last one.  We were originally going to have it in Sevy Tea Room (as you can tell from all the old posters) but last weekend there was a party there and some stuff was vandalized, so the administration didn't want another event in that room.  While it was REALLY disappointing the next morning to see the damage a few students had done to the building, over the course of the week the student body did a really good job of expressing its frustration with the situation, and on Friday there was an editorial in the paper from a junior reminding us that while the incident was really disrespectful, we ALL need to remember to police ourselves (in a good way), it's not enough to just not be the ones doing the vandalizing.  During our show there was one student who got up on a table and was hitting a chandelier.  Before anything happened, another student got up on the table and stopped him, which was really nice to see.  Ok back to the fun stuff.

We had a stage set up in Evans Dining Hall (not actually a dining hall anymore, now it's more of a room for large group meetings or occasional banquets) which turned out to be 2 feet off the ground (which was REALLY cool) and Party Crew (a group on campus that helps fund events) helped us rent some professional lights for the show.

So after setting up for Duck Bus I went to the Exit concert.  This term we did a joint concert with the Knightengales (one of the all female groups) and Whoa (our hip hop dance group).  Don't ask me why we performed with a hip hop dance group, it seems like a strange pairing, but it was fun.  Exit likes to have themes for our concerts.  My freshman year we did a haute couture concert (if you watch the admissions video there's some footage of that concert, specifically me sining 1979 by the Smashing Pumpkins), sophomore year we did an X-Men theme (which was AMAZING) and last year we did Lord Of The Rings and one where the theme was "Wear one item that doesn't belong."  This year we had a lot of grand ideas but in the end we chickened out and just did Exit 69 Goes On Vacation.  I'm actually not sure we have a good group photo of our costumes.  But when some of those videos go up I'll post them on here.

Anyways, I immediately left the a cappella concert to change for Duck Bus (if only Duck Bus was also having a vacation themed concert...) and then soundchecked and suddenly we were playing our last show.  It was great.  We had some people who've been to every show, some people who've never been to any of our shows, some random St. Olaf students, and our friend Nate Ryan who made a short documentary on the show for his CAMS (Cinema And Media Studies) class.  Here's the video (with our studio recording of Rocket Banana).

I apologize for Dylan's poor grammar ("When you're playing a song that you have...wrote...").  We made fun of him a lot for it.

Oh, and I saw the Watchmen on Sunday with some friends.  We all took a 3 hour study break, which we maybe shouldn't have done considering we all had homework/comps/exams, but we did.  It was pretty good.  There were some things it did really well, some things it didn't.  However, supposedly the graphic novel (comic) is the number one selling item on Amazon right now.  And I know the Carleton library's copy is currently checked out (not by me)

My roommate is telling me about his dream where Jerry Seinfeld came to Carleton to perform (we have different taste in humor...) while we play Super Mario Galaxy.  We almost have all the stars.  And by "we" I mean he is playing on my game file and almost has all the stars.  I got like the first 20.

Things to look forward to:

Tomorrow night-the Knights concert

Thursday-Campus Activities hosted study break in the libe, with Breuggers bagels and free massages!

Spring Break '09!