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Just Another Weekend (But Not Really)

April 21, 2009 at 10:38 pm

I realized I don't often just talk about what I did on the weekend, which is always a question that comes up on tours.  Of course, each weekend is different, and this weekend was a little different, too, since we had the second Accepted Student Days this weekend.

Thursday night was the first night of Accepted Student Days and Exit 69 sang for all the prospies and their families after the big dinner.  Last week we sang a Rilo Kiley song, a Sufjan Stevens song, and a Mariah Carey song (how can you deny cheesy pop songs?), and this week we sang the Rilo Kiley song again, a Sara Bareilles, and an Nsync song (if you can't tell, I had childhood dreams of being in a boy band).  But Thursday isn't technically the weekend, so...

Friday might not have been the first official day of spring, but visiting Carleton you easily could have thought it was.  Students were sprawled out all over campus.  There were some guitar jam sessions, drum circles, too many frisbee games to count, people playing baseball, people napping, classes outside, and a ton of prospies walking around with their parents.  Anyways, that night was Battle Of The Bands.  At first I wasn't worried about not performing (since Dylan is off campus this term, Duck Bus is on a temporary/possibly indefinite hiatus), but the morning of I got really sad that I wouldn't be playing this year.  But, there were a lot of bands who played, from a pop punk band, to Andy's (the guitarist from Duck Bus) new jam band (who covered Dr. Dre's Xxplosive), to a large folk collective, and even a rapper and DJ combo called Northfield High School.  The rapper (a white kid born in North Carolina) even did an entire verse in Chinese (I don't remember much of it, but he had one good line about his clothes not being dirty).

Saturday was one of those rare days when I left campus.  Campus Activities planned the "Knight Bus" (such a corny name...) to take a bunch of students into Uptown Minneapolis for the (k)night and then bring us back.  So we left campus at 6:30 and the bus picked us up at 1am.  One of the main draws was that the bus would allow students to go to bars and then provide us a free ride home, but there were plenty of underclassmen as well.  Uptown has a lot going on, and not just bars.  There are a ton of places to eat (in fact, my 5 friends and I were going to eat at a thai restaurant but we split into two groups and then thanks to our impeccable planning abilities each group wound up at different thai restaurants, but we were all happy with our meals, even if they were in slightly smaller groups), and there's a movie theatre, plenty of places to shop (though you probably wouldn't go shopping and then go to the bars...), and late night coffee shops and places to just hang out.

Besides the obvious fun of going to the cities and getting some REALLY great food and then going out to bars, what I liked the most was just going somewhere with a large group of Carleton students.  To some extent, it wasn't so much about being in the Twin Cities, cause I've spent some time there and never really had this much fun, it was really just about being somewhere with Carleton kids.  It's nice to just walk around with friends from Carleton in some non college setting, which is probably why I had so much fun on the Creative Scholars' program over winter break.

Of course, since I spent the night off campus I missed out on a lot.  One of my friend's favorite bands, Wye Oak, played at the Cave with The Pomegranates, and the bands stuck around and hung out on campus afterwards (I think some kid in Burton offered them couches).  Also, I now realize I missed The 24 Hour Show, which I always hoped to be a part of but never got around to it.  And then I totally missed this one.  The 24 Hour Show starts at 8pm on Friday and a group gets together and starts writing a script and then the actors come in the next morning and start working on it at 8pm on Saturday they perform it.  It's always been a lot of fun to watch, and I bet it's a lot of fun to work on.  Oh well...that's what happens when you leave campus, you miss out of things.

And then Sunday was Ebony (which I already posted about).  And some reading and homework of course...

Supposedly I've missed some VERY important episodes of the Office, so I might not doing any more homework tonight.  Too bad I'm not in the Cinema and Media Studies class that's all about TV...