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Eat The Lawn (Or Things To Do Outside)

May 12, 2009 at 3:04 pm

Now that it's DEFINITELY Spring, here's a list.

6 Things To Do Outside


1. Play IM Sports

My friends and I started an IM Soccer team freshman year.  We're named "The Carleton College IM Soccer All-Stars."  Now, in the midst of our fourth season, I think we've won about 4 games.  Maybe 5.  And we're in the soft core league.  But that's ok, because we're not really playing IM sports for the sports.  Noooooo, we play IM sports for the shirts (we always make shirts and this year we got to pick nick names)...


...the barbeques...



...the side line dancing (this is Cameron, Stephen, and I doing the Man Dance from Ebony)...


...and (prepare for cheesy part) THE FRIENDSHIPS




2. Jump On Shovels

This week is Food Truth Week, and one of their big things this year is a program called Eat The Lawn.  I don't know all the details, but Eat The Lawn is a collaboration between Farm Club, Food Truth, and some Studio Art students.  They are planting a garden in between Laird (the English building) and Olin (the Physics building).  They're going to have a lot of ready to eat vegetables, so, as one member tells me, "if you forget your lunch you can just go pick some cherry tomatoes."  Afterwards, they're going to put some sculpture and a path in as well, making it a nice little garden in the middle of campus.

eat the lawn 1

When I went to go take pictures of them there was a photo class working on portraits that had gravitated towards them as well, so at least I wasn't the only one not working.

eat the lawn 2

Coordinated jumps...

eat the lawn 3

eat the lawn 4

eat the lawn 5

eat the lawn 6 


3. Go Running With the President

Yesterday I went to President Oden's Office Hours for the first time (don't wait this long!  Go see him earlier) and we spent a good portion of the time just talking about running.  I have very distinct memories of the first time I spent individual time with  Oden.  During New Student Week everyone gets invited to his house for some ice cream and apple crisp, but that's a lot of students, so you don't get a lot of face time with him.  It wasn't until midway through fall term when I started realizing that President Oden and I had similar running schedules.  We ended up running around the same time a lot (he runs a LOT) and would always run together for a little.  Anyways, Oden's favorite spot this term has been the Arb and we talked about that for a while, and we're working on figuring out some time when our running paths can cross again.


This weekend is Spring Concert.  In addition to the student bands who won Battle of the Bands a few weeks ago, we're bringing in 3 outside acts.  One is a folk act, one is a jam band, but the one I'm most excited for is Wale.  It's a full day of music (usually the student bands start playing at noon and then it goes till 6 or so.  And we have local restaurants set up shop and sell food and Campus Activities provides Cotton Candy and drinks and stuff.  If I remember to bring my camera, that'll probably be what I post about next week.  It's typically my favorite day of the term/year/life/forever.

5. Leave Campus

Ok, I don't suggest you leave campus, but that's what I did this weekend.  Exit 69 sang at Macalester in the fall as part of their Acapella-palooza, and one of the other groups there was the Enchantments, an all female group from the University of Minnesota.  They asked us to come sing with them for their spring concert this year, and so we got to spend Saturday evening up in the cities singing for a whole new audience.  It was a lot of fun to go up and run around in the cities for a while with Exit and then sing.  We did 3 new songs that we'd never performed before and then we sang "Boston," since Charlie had some friends who came so we wanted to make sure he had a solo.  Here's a video of us performing it last year.

Also, one of our members, Jim, used to be a Carleton student but transfered to the U of M, so we got to see him and he got to sing with us for one song.  I'll give you a hint, he's the one who's not dressed up.

exit u of m1

I didn't get any shots of us performing (since I was performing), but here's one I snuck of the audience

exit u of m2 

6. Have Allergies

I'm allergic to pollen.  I hate spring.