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Class Is Better With A Bowl Of Soup, Spring Is Better With A Concert

May 19, 2009 at 3:52 pm

This post was originally going to be titled "Shorts vs. Long Pants" and I was going to have a lot of pictures of people in either shorts or long pants.  It all started when my friend Gabe and I ran into each other outside Sayles and noticed we were both wearing shorts.  And neither of us EVER wears shorts.  But today it's hot.  Like 96 degrees hot (just two short of a boy band).

it's hot 

But then I realized that writing about peoples' choice of leg wear was actually going to be a pretty boring post and would completely ignore the essential Carleton event of Spring Concert.  So, I apologize to the people I photographed but didn't end up putting on my blog.

Every year ceramics students are encouraged to make extra bowls/mugs/containers and donate them to Empty Bowls, a fund raiser for a local food shelf.  They set up on the Bald Spot and put out alllllll these bowls and various groups and houses across campus make soups and students can make a donation and pick a bowl and fill it with soup.  You get soups from multicultural groups, theme houses (Sci-Fi house always makes something), off campus houses, etc.  My favorite this year was a spicy Malaysian soup (which I garnished with some leftover veggies from another soup).  And then you get to take your bowl and hang out on the Bald Spot, or in my case go to class.  The past two years I have had class right after I got soup, so I end up sitting in class eating soup (luckily other people are eating soup, too).



But let's be honest, the big event this past week was Spring Concert.  This year's lineup was particularly exciting (I love Wale), and even though I didn't get to play this year (Duck Bus played last year), it was definitely one of the best Carleton days I've had.  I got there early to help set up and work the Sno Cone machine with a friend (and we got free t shirts for helping!).

Andy, the guitarist from Duck Bus, played in the first student band, Menagerie (a name even worse than Duck Bus?), and they treated us to dueling guitar solos, three part harmony, and an extended cover of Dr. Dre's Xxplosive.  The second band, Send Messages, have had some decent success in the Twin Cities playing their jumpy pop punk, and they helped bring the energy level up as more people came.  By the time the Cave Singers came on, the lawn was pretty full.  For those who weren't feeling the free Sno Cones or Cotton Candy, there were separate stations selling pizza, hot dogs, Indian food, etc from local restaurants.  And someone told me they were selling sloppy joes which seems like a strange choice.  I somehow managed to not eat at all the whole time (besides a large bag of cookies I had "borrowed" from the dining hall the previous night), so afterwards I went to the big picnic outside the LDC (one of the dining halls).

Spring Concert 1

But anyways, back to Wale.  Despite most of my friends just lounging in one spot for most of the day, I made my way up to the front row for Wale's set (actually I managed to push my way up to the front for a couple bands but that's besides the point).  This past week I've been following Wale on Twitter and I sent him a message with my 3 song requests the day before the show.  He ended up playing 2 of my 3 favorite songs, but I was REALLY hoping to hear his song Wordplay, and so I made a sign while I was up there and held it up the whole time.  Some of his band mates saw me and noticed the sign but afterwards the manager told me he doesn't do Wordplay anymore since it's off his first mixtape.  Oh well.  2 out of 3 isn't bad.

Spring Concert 2 

Oh, and Schiller showed up and Wale held him for part of the set (if you're not familiar with the Schiller tradition, you can learn more about it here).

Spring Concert 3

And Rottblatt is this weekend!  So many things to do!


(photos courtesy of Nate Ryan, except the picture of Wale and Schiller courtesy of Alex Walker)


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    tks for the effort you put in here I appreciate it!