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A Weekend Full Of...Sports? You Must Be Kidding...

May 26, 2009 at 4:52 pm

4 years ago if you told me that this past weekend would have been one of the best weekends I have at college and all the best parts would revolve around some sports game I would not have believed you at all.  I probably wouldn't have believed you a week ago.  BUT that was the case.

I think I've talked a lot about my IM Soccer team, the Carleton College IM Soccer All-Stars.  Well this week was our last game of the regular season, but I had to miss it because I had work.  Luckily we had one more "game."  Friday, we scrimaged a team from the IM Softball league, the Sluggers.  The Sluggers is a team of sophomores and freshman that seem to be founded under a very similar idea of what IM sports should be; not serious.  Since we play different sports, we compromised and played a game of kickball (hello, 2nd grade recess).  The game lasted an impressive hour and a half, and while I haven't been to a lot of IM games, this was probably the most well attended game of any IM league.  We probably had almost 20 people and the Sluggers had around 30.  But numbers didn't help them, because in the end, the Sluggers' numbers couldn't compete with the All-Stars skill, and we won the game by one point in the last inning.

Allstars 1

They also have matching shirts, but they DON'T have numbers and nicknames on the back.

Allstars 2

Allstars 6 

I'm not sure why this picture looks like we were playing in the middle of a dust storm, but don't worry, we weren't.

Allstars 3

When we were freshman, we played the radio station's (KRLX) soccer team, and to taunt them we made a bunch of signs.  One of them was "When I'm in Northfield, I listen to the Current" which is the Minneapolis public radio station.  We also had a bunch of signs making fun of them and their names.  We were very mature as freshman.  Anyways, we made signs again, and since a number of the Sluggers are now on the KRLX Board of Directors, we remade this sign.  We also had plenty of signs that just made fun of them.  And props to Evan for wearing matching socks!

Allstars 5

And if Friday wasn't enough sports for me, then Saturday was Rotblatt.  Rotblatt is a softball game that starts at dawn and there's one inning for each year of Carleton's existence.  The only real rule is that you have to always be holding "a beverage of your choice" (as worded by the Admissions Office).

They give out shirts at the beginning of each Rotblatt, and the shirts are always some parody of an art piece and always involve a keg.  This year the shirts were an homage to Jackson Pollock.  There were also some really good ones based off Guernica, but in the end Pollock won out over Picasso.  Anyways, the beginning of Rotblatt is always very surreal.  You show up in this clearing behind the Rec Center at 4:30 or 5 in the morning and there is a crowd of people lined up waiting for shirts.  It kind of looks like some strange cult or something.

Rotblatt 2

The game started around 5:15, and I stayed until around 8 and then Alex, Stephen and I snuck off to Perkins for breakfast (they brought out bagels at around 7, and we had a conversation that ended with "these bagels are better than anything!  except maybe Perkins...").  Then I took a huge nap and went back to Rotblatt for lunch (they have a big barbeque).  The teams are decided by the colors of the shirts, and I was on the Blue team.

Rotblatt 1 

  After lunch I actually hit and got on base (Rotblatt All-Stars?).  After a couple more hours of play, I had to leave again to go do some filming for a music video I'm making with some CAMS majors.  When I was done I figured Rotblatt would be over, but NO!  I went back and got to play in the last dozen or so innings (the game ended at around 8pm, so 13 hours of softball, and a lot of people were there for the whole thing).  It was definitely one of the best ways for me to spend my Saturday.  It was like this big all day outdoor party with all of my friends and all of their friends and some of their siblings.  And to be fair, I went to Rotblatt bright and early as a freshman and had fun, but wasn't crazy about it.  And I'm not even sure if I went at all sophomore or junior years.  But this year I totally had a blast.  So, make sure you go to Rotblatt.

In other (more serious) sports news, CUT (Carleton Ultimate Team) just won the national frisbee title.  Take that, big state schools!  It was funny, one of my friends is on Cut and in my Buddha, and he was missing class for the tournament and so our professor was talking about CUT.  We knew the game was actually going on during class, so I gave us a couple of break news updates on the game via Twitter.

This weekend is the last Exit 69 concert of the year, which also means my last concert with Exit...ever.  Sad.  The seniors all traditionally get a "senior song" at their last show, so they get to pick any song they want to sing (as long as it's feasible).  David, one of the other seniors in the group, convinced me to arrange one of my own songs, so my senior song is actually a song that I wrote.  At first I was a little concerned, but it's sounding really good, and I'm really excited.

And a concert means another chance to advertise/make posters.  The last improv show of the year was last weekend, and their show was called "Improv Is Rebellion."  The improv groups usually spoof other posters from the term, but this time they made their own posters.  I've always been dying to spoof other groups' posters, so I took this opportunity to spoof them.  Our posters are "A Cappella Is Conformity."  It gave us a nice excuse to go run around campus taking pictures and getting naked in the Chapel (well not all of us...).

Here, Pete and I follow the rules and put our backpacks in the cubbies before entering the bookstore.  It's fun to follow the rules!

Conformity 2

Here, Davd, Hannah, and Haven throw out their trash, compost their compostables, and recycle their recyclabes, all in the correct cans!  It's fun to follow the rules!

Conformity 3

Here, Exit and the Gales sit quietly and attentively in the Chapel.  It's fun to follow the rules!

Conformity 1 

Senior year is almost over...but I think I'm getting in quite a bit of fun before I go.

Allstars 4