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Happy New Year!!

January 28, 2009

Hey everyone,

Don't be surprised! This isn't just a realization of the start of a new year which should have set in on Jan 1st 2009, but instead it was Lunar New Year on Monday, Jan 26th - the new year for most South-east asian countries. Today though, the lunar new year is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm in most countries with large asian populations. The day is marked with fireworks, festivities, dragon dances and delicious food. The Asia club at Carleton too, like every year had big celebrations to bring in the new year. The Great Hall( that's where most of the events with dinner take place) was decorated in red and gold and was teeming with people in their brightly colored ethnic dresses. A group from the cities was asked to perform the dance with the dragons (see pictures) which was followed by several student performances including the Japanese martial art performance- Kendo.

While dinner was served, I couldn't help but think of how lucky I was for being able to spectate and partake in the traditions of so many different places and cultures- all this without having to physically transport myself anywhere. With a little imagination I could picture myself in the streets of China, Taiwan, Philippines where people in brightly colored clothes would be meeting and greeting others, passion  and excitement  overflowing from every nook and corner of the streets. It seemed like Carleton was a microcosm of the world, a melting point of all cultures that existed and cohabited in harmony. 

So who needs to travel and see the world when the world comes to you? - says the girl who has the travel bug. Just to clarify, I think events like the one above serve to whet your appetite and make you hungry to see more of the world.

So more from me later- for those of you interested our broomball team is still undefeated after having played 4 games and we play our next on thursday!! (email now for season tickets-lol)


  • February 2 2009 at 7:55 pm


    I am high school junior who is very interested in Carleton College.  Based on college catalogues and the old and new admissions websites, most of Carleton's Indian population seems to be international rather than Indian American. Is this true?

    On a different note, how is the math department?


  • February 11 2009 at 12:24 am
    Aparna Dua

    Thanks for your question. I'm really excited that you're seriously interested in Carleton. There is a good mix of Indian and Indian American students on campus.I dont think there's a big difference in the numbers- it really depends on the year.The south-asian group on campus is called DESI and we meet almost every saturday over chai and catch up.

    About the math department, I simply love it.I've always enjoyed math but was scared of college level math when I came in - but the faculty is very encouraging and supportive. They encourage students to come and meet with them outside the classroom just to even chat sometimes! Since class size is limited to max 25(true for some other depts too)- you develop a personal relationship with most professors. There is also a group of math profs and students -Math problem solving group- that meets once a week to work on challenging questions together.

    They really value student input too. For instance,  we are currently hiring new faculty and the students get to attend their math talks and take them to lunch to get to know them better and see if they will be a good fit for the department.

    There is also the math skills center which is a friendly math support center. So if you're having troubles with hw, you can always ask Russ for help. I like to call him the Math Guru caus he wont just give you the answer but help you come up with the solution- so basically he starts at the level you feel comfortable with and builds it up from there. 

    Let me know if you would like to know more- as you can see I love to talk about it!

    cheers :)