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A break well spent!

April 11, 2009

Some of you who frequently visit the blog might be wondering why I hadn’t written for two long weeks and were maybe feeling the blues after being deprived of this blog for a Well. Fear not, I’m back and have some more travel experiences to share with you. You might exclaim how is it that I was gone again, well, Carleton is on a trimester system which means we get a break after every 10 weeks of school! Yes, 10 weeks might sound little, but not when you’re at Carleton as these 10 weeks are intense, making the breaks ever sweeter.
So this break I went to Belgium with my roommate Whitney and we met up with the others from the Carleton World MUN delegation a couple of days later. More specifically, I was in Brussels and the fairy town of Bruges.(for those who’ve seen the movie In Bruges, yes the town is all that and more!). Brussels was warm and sunny compared to Northfield and everyone kept telling us that we were lucky with the weather.  Brussels was all that I had wanted for a spring break- warm with fresh air, blue skies, old architecture, gardens, good food, chocolate and lots of time to sleep and read. We walked around in the cute markets,sat in parks, soaked up the sun,sat on cobbled pathways listening to street musicians, took long walks. We also indulged in fine cheese, chocolates, Belgian fries served with different dips and mouth watering waffles, freshly baked bread -essentials in ones everyday diet I think.  I realized that most grocery stores in Belgium and Netherlands alike had their bread selection right where you enter. The aroma of the fresh bread not only makes you hungry and buy bread, but shopping while you’re hungry is not good for your wallet. Brussels also meant plenty of opportunity for me to practice French which was great. I definitely realized I was rusty but after some practice- I grew more and more comfortable. I think pictures can say more than words so I’m going to leave you with some pictures.
We went to Bruges for a day as well and walked along the canals. One end of the town had old and new flour mills seated in lush green gardens that made an excellent afternoon walk. We left for Amsterdam and the Hague the next day as the World MUN conference was being hosted there this year. More on that later, for now, enjoy these pictures.


  • April 15 2009 at 1:28 pm

    I loved In Bruges! Although it's not exactly the most complimentary depiction of the town, haha. I hope I get to go there someday.