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April 27, 2009

        Talk about a busy weekend and this one surely tops the chart. The madness on this end started Friday night as spring ebony opened at 8:00pm in West Gym. This time ebony saw a lot of new talent and creativity from seasoned and new choreographers. The songs ranged from more conventional pop like Britney Spears and Lady Gaga to offbeat numbers such as Night of the Dancing Flame, Salsa and Closer by Goapele.  I was in three dances myself which were all well received by an enthusiastic audience. For a lot of the seniors, senior dance was their first and last attempt at ebony- a must-have Carl experience.

      Saturday held even more promise. Carleton took on Macalester College in the first annual inter-collegiate Cricket Match. With the prospect of thunder and showers still high, we took our chances, crossed our fingers and started the game out on the Bald Spot. Oscar winner Slumdog Millionaire and nominee Lagaan have brought the game to the forefront even in small towns like Northfield, where the game isn’t necessarily well known. Even though the game has received increasing interest from faculty and students over the years, it’s still in its nascent stages at Carleton. Having it outside rather than at the Rec Center thus brought a larger crowd to cheer and support the team.  Carleton lost the match against Macalester but not without putting up a strong fight and giving them a good challenge. The last of the three games was particularly close. Given the notoriously long nature of the game, my roommate jokingly suggested that I borrow her camping tent and to secure my spot for the game. Well fortunately or unfortunately, the games were over by 4 pm, just in time for me to get ready for the Saturday ebony performance. The show went on smoothly and was followed by the traditional ebony Sayles dance.  

      Besides these two major events, Carleton was also engaged in the Frisbee regionals as well as baseball and rugby matches. Luckily Sunday was a little more slow paced- giving students the much needed time to study for midterm exams. Yup-its that time of the term again! The pace of the term has been incredibly crazy and midterm break is already fast approaching. Time flies when you’re having fun!