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The End Is Nigh

May 19, 2011 at 10:11 pm

As you may know, our imminent demise is scheduled on the 21st of May—oddly, the very same day as Carleton’s annual Spring Concert.

Coincidence? I think not.  

But, really, it is all coming to an end—and by “it”, I don’t mean humanity.

Spring term is almost over, and pretty soon I’ll be home. Alone. With my guinea pig. Books. And a tub of ice cream.  

But I jest (kind of).

It’s so weird, though. September doesn’t seem all that long ago. Now, in a couple of month’s time, I’ll be a college sophomore. An entire school year has past; it’s nearly unfathomable.

Here are a couple of things I wish someone has told me before my fr0sh-year:

1.     Don’t spend your dining dollars in such a ridiculous manner.

2.     You should go to any event that interests you.

3.     Yes, people do in fact do laundry on Friday and Saturday nights; don’t assume you’ll be able to secure machines.

4.     Losing your 1card makes things really, really inconvenient.

5.     If you’re not a fan of snow, appreciate autumn when you still can.

6.     Ice cream at Hogan Brothers is cheap. And good.


That’s about it.