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Blog Post #7

November 5, 2012 at 1:01 am

Meet Mike! Mike can show you how many of us feel now that 9th week is beginning:


Mike is a junior Biology major on my floor. This is Mike as he's trying to study Chemistry on Sunday night!

Anyway, somehow my wonderfully talented fellow Carls were capable of making time in their schedules to prepare and put on a string of performances this weekend, perfectly timed to coincide with the annual Screw Date bonanza, giving awkward blind date couples things to do that didn’t involve making awkward small talk.
I couldn’t make it to all of the concerts and performances this weekend, but I did make it to Student Musical Theatre’s Cabaret, Semaphore Repertory Dance Company’s Fall Concert, and the Carleton Choir’s Fall Concert.
The actors in the Cabaret (including one of my roommates!) took us on a whirlwind tour of Broadway numbers from Rent to White Christmas to Into the Woods and more, ending with a rousing rendition of La Vie Boheme. The venue was Little Nourse Theater, a tiny theater tucked away in the basement of the Nourse dorm hall. The theater’s cozy size meant that there weren’t any bad seats and the performers came alive up close and personal, making the audience one, at times in laughter and other times in awe of the beauty that voices can create.
Semaphore’s Concert was something I was really excited about, since I’ve been dancing for ten years now and I love everything about the art form. This was Semaphore’s second year performing in the newly built Weitz Center for Creativity, and I’m glad that Carleton has such a beautiful space dedicated to the arts! Three of the four works performed in the concert were student-choreographed, and the last was choreographed by professional guest choreographers of Shapiro and Smith. The members of the company painted art and emotion with the ebb and flow and leaps and waves of their motion, celebrating the powerful beauty and artistry of the human body.
After Semaphore, I ran to the Carleton Choir’s concert in the grand Concert Hall. First, the Singers sang madrigals, moving forward in time to the Renaissance and touring Italy, Spain, Germany, England, and France, and the Choir worked their way up to John Legend. Their voices soared and dove and intertwined with each other, and the harmony of the choir in full force gave me goosebumps! The hushed moments right between when a song ended and the applause began held a wonderful ethereality.
Sorry I don’t have photos (though photos wouldn't do the performances justice) although I'm sure some will be up on the respective organizations' websites soon! :)

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