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This is it!

November 17, 2012 at 4:57 pm

I’m standing on the brink of 10th week, and a black chasm of work, library seclusion, and caffeinated fog gapes open before that hazy spot on the far horizon called winter break. Not to be melodramatic or's not really so bad.
Minnesota seems to be feeling mercurial, like cranky Carls in anticipation of finals...Saturday was 70 degrees and lovely out, while it started snowing today (it’s 24 degrees right now!). But snow... :)


I wrote the above paragraph a week ago, and got sidetracked because, you know, 10th week happened...but reading days are over, finals have begun, and I fly home in three days. I got lucky in terms of final exams, since all I have is a Calc II exam on Monday, the last day of final exams, along with a final Cognitive Science paper due by Tuesday, by which time, sadly, most students will have left campus. It still feels like a lot, and what scares me is the more people I talk to, the more I realize that my workload here will never be this "light" again.

All the work seems to be getting to people around here. Take Charlie, one of my intro Bio lab partners. Charlie was a clean-shaven, shiny-eyed, and well-dressed upstanding student when I first met him. Once it became 10th week, he stopped shaving, started wearing his bed to class, and slurped up energy through drink:


Creatures start appearing in our floor lounge:


Chunky Stu, a senior History major on our floor, has to write a 30 page paper about airplanes by Monday, but he still found time to enjoy his first and last Carleton Silent Dance Party:


People are still as nice as ever, and even during crunch time, they make time to think about others:

NSW cookies

Also, I got a new beak at Late Night Breakfast!


And yes...back to my beloved differential equations and integrals and series...

See ya later kidz!

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