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'Sno Fun

January 11, 2013 at 1:07 am

After six weeks of break, a long flight seated next to an obnoxious fellow Carl from Hawaii and surviving the rude slap of a considerable temperature drop, I arrived back in Northfield just over a week ago!

I was all antsy to come back and begged my parents to get me an earlier flight than one that left the night of the 1st, but no go. I wanted to take full advantage of the particularly precious time between when we arrived back at campus and when classes began, during which we could relax and have no responsibility but to enjoy each others’ company. Like New Students' Week back in September but with much less awkwardness.

For probably the first time in my life, I actually couldn’t wait for break to end and to get back to the daily school grind. After having experienced how practically every day at Carleton brims over with its own unique elixir of eureka moments, wonder, sleepiness, laughter, thought, nonstop activity, weird, and/or stress, the relative equilibrium of the six weeks of winter break, while relaxing, wasn’t even close to as fulfilling.
Broomball hasn’t started up yet, but the Arb has been groomed for cross-country skiiers (I honestly didn’t know that was a thing),XC Skiing
and Carleton dressed in white? Gorgeous.

It’s so cold that snow doesn’t stick to itself and we couldn’t make snowballs. So we threw snow instead...

Throwing Snow
And this kid from Southern California was so excited about the snow that...

Eating Snow 

He ate it off the ground, of course.


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