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The time slips away

January 27, 2013 at 2:40 am

Things are picking up pace as it’s just about 4th Week again and time for midterms, and times have been exciting:

-Our floor Broomball team’s first game got cancelled for the third time, due to the extreme weather, and should finally happen this coming Tuesday. The second time it happened, we just played ice tag football instead:

Ice football
Running on ice--definitely a new experience. It frequently ends in tragedy for us first years:

Tragedy on ice
-I started volunteering at the Laura Baker Services Association (a school and home for people with developmental disabilities) through the College Buddies program, which is something completely new and pretty exciting for me.
-Man Dance (+streakers).

Man Dance 

(Photo intentionally blurred to protect your innocence. And theirs. Use your imagination :))
-The Cave (the oldest student-run pub in the nation, according to the Carletonian) reopened after renovations, and there was a concert by the Icky Blossoms. I didn’t actually go to this, but I just thought I’d mention it.
- Hot brownie sundaes at Burton Dining Hall today (an improvement to the usual plain Saturday sundaes), possibly to make up for the bacon doughnuts they had for Elvis’s birthday.
I think I actually passed my first Computer Science midterm (and my first Modern Dance skills test)! I have two more tests next week. Better than all the papers that humanities-inclined people have to write, I say...
That being said, time to sleep. Psych midterm on Monday, hooray!

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