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Springing Forward

March 10, 2013 at 4:40 pm

A good day: I head out of Sayles at 9:21 for my 9:30 T/TH class, coffee in hand, as a Harry Potter audiobook plays by the student mailboxes. A bad day: I leave at 8:25 for my 8:30 class, my coffee burns my hand, and I slip on ice somewhere on my way to class; the natural forces conspire to cause me pain. Maybe it’s just me, but once tenth week rolled around, I started seeing coffee everywhere. My notes from my early Psych class, on tabletops, in snow, memories and dreams. I’m a slave to the bean...
I’ve been trying out a new thing this term--starting and finish my homework earlier in the weekend. Although it’s definitely made my work easier to manage, and I now get at least 8 hours of sleep every night, it mostly just means that I spend the entire weekend moseying through my work instead of relaxing during weekends until I stay up late on Sunday night to race through things. I don’t get to do nearly as many things purely for fun. There’s a certain peacefulness in doing things this way, but I’m missing out on the things I didn’t make time to go to--the SAO’s Winter Wonderland festival (sled dogs, ice sculpting, sledding), the Complex RA-hosted Winter Carnival, lectures, Convocations, broomball games, and performances. The key to taking full advantage of my time here seems to lie in the social-academic balance, but I clearly haven’t found a good place yet. Which (most importantly!) means that my blog posts don’t capture what Carleton’s really about.
Now that I have more confidence in my time management skills, next term I want to try harder to do my homework well in less time so I can do more of everything. Fighting words...I’m not entirely sure what I want to be taking next term anymore--my academic advisor has given me free reign over my curriculum, but I’m well aware that I’ve been science-heavy all year and shouldn’t be so wary of branching out more. I’m currently registered for Bio 126 (Ecosystems bio), Chem 230 (Equilibrium and Analysis), and Philosophy 118 (Freedom, Determinism, and Responsibility)--especially interesting to me in light of what we learned in Psych 110 this term and Cognitive Science last term--how much of what we think is consciously chosen action has actually been decided unconsciously and how easy it can be to manipulate people because of how much of human cognition can be heuristic-based. I’m also waitlisted for AMST 225 (Beauty and Race in America), something I’ve also always been curious about. Well, even if I wanted to take something out of the ordinary, like a CAMS or Studio Art course, some course waitlists are larger than the capacity of the class, so I may just stick with what I have.

Here’s my set of hurdles for 11th Week:
8:30 am Monday: Psych midterm #3
3:10 pm Monday: Computer Science midterm #3
Reading Days (mad cramming (naht really though)) Tuesday and Wednesday
8:30 am Thursday: Chem 123 final exam
5:00 pm Friday: Psych 110 final experimental proposal due
5:00 pm Saturday: Intro to CS final project due (Tetris game design and implementation with an artificially intelligent computer player)

Fun study break:
-Burton Hall won Green Wars, so all Burton residents get free bagels from the new place in town tomorrow :)


-Every cubicle on 1st Libe is occupied. D:

-My Chem prof uses the word blobby so much in lectures.


-Haggard people.

-Annoying happy people who are already done with their finals.

-Is it actually snowing or is the wind just blowing snow off of trees/roofs again?

-This blog post should have more pictures (sorry, my camera’s getting fixed over Spring Break).

Happy almost Spring Break, everyone!

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