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May the 4th

May 6, 2013 at 1:40 am

Midterm Break always seems to come to the rescue right in the nick of time--as ever, when exams and papers and interviews/other forms of evaluation all crowded themselves into the same week. Same way that everyone seems to want to go to dinner in Burton Hall right at 5:45PM, even though if you waited until 6:15 you would be served much less hastily with less waiting in lines involved. Hmm...

Anyway, some news: I was recently hired to work at Carleton's Reunion 2013! I'm really excited to meet Carleton-loving Carls from throughout the ages as they revisit their home away from home.

Anyway anyway, I started off the three-day weekend with a visit to Little Hill Berry Farm to help plant blueberries through Carleton's crop mob program. Waking up too early in the morning, heading out into the uninviting cold, working until my toes were somehow simultaneously numb and painful from the cold and I feared for my future dancing ability (that was my fault, I had cheap boots on), and accomplishing what seemed like less than a dent in relation to the unfinished acreage really made me appreciate the food that's readily available to me here; ever-abundant food with no indications as to the incredible amount of work that went into its production.

This farm was about a two-minute drive from campus; by the time I got there, there were Northfield community members, friends of the farm owners, and other Carleton students already hard at work. It was May 4th (may the 4th be with you!) and 32 degrees Fahrenheit with snow on the ground. Can you believe it?

Crop Mob

The plants went from these:

Blueberry Plants 

Into rows like these, slowly and laboriously:


After that, I went to the International Festival, took a nap to recover from the cold, and enjoyed an incredible enchilada/Spanish rice/guacamole+chips/fruit salad/lemon cake dinner that some of my floormates conjured up to celebrate the break. Then I worked the cleanup shift in the dining hall, where they'd had Star Wars themed food to celebrate the 4th. Then it was time for Spring Swing!

Spring Swing is sort of the less formal Spring Term analogue to Mid-Winter Ball. There were professional social dance instructors from the Cities teaching swing dance workshops throughout the day, and then a wonderful dance in the Great Hall with live music and hourly dance demonstrations by the Social Dance Club. But of course, we had to fool around in the Chapel first.

Chapel Tomfoolery

And pre-game for the dance by watching Star Wars: Episode III (with a friend who was supposed to be analyzing the film score for a class). Heh. :)

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