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Reflecting on why I do what I do

October 23, 2008 at 4:12 pm
By Brandon Walker

I worked as a Resident Assistant for the Office of Residential Life for two years. As an RA, it was my obligation to ensure that my residents thrived socially and spiritually in the community in which they lived. The communal and individual aspects of the aforementioned statement are crucial components to my new role as an Intercultural Program Assistant with the Office of Intercultural Life, or OIL.

The Intercultural Program Assistant position is one of the most important peer leadership roles on campus. As Carleton makes strides towards the development of a campus conducive to intercultural growth and dialogue, it is my goal to work within the multicultural framework of the greater Carleton community to further encourage intercultural dialogue about difference. Moreover, my job allows me to form solid relationships with six extremely intelligent freshmen.

With my mentees, it is my primary goal to be a source in whom they can share their deepest concerns. As a listener, primarily, I absorb all that they impart onto me. They ask questions ranging from academics, to the transition from high school to college, or just about anything. We laugh. We cry. We have a great time.

As I reflect on my three + years at Carleton I cannot help but to think about the many relationships I've formed with quality people. As you surf through our posts, schedule campus visits, and decide if this place is right for you, it is my hope that this entry helps to provide further insight into how dynamic of an experience Carleton truly is.

Until next time, you be good.