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Your Choice 2008... IT'S CRUNCH TIME!

October 30, 2008 at 4:45 pm
By Brandon Walker

I'm pulling what little hair I have left in my head planning KRLX's news coverage for election night. Yikes! KRLX first produced an election special in the fall of 2006, my sophomore year. Although I know much more about news production some two years later, I'm still quite scared of the challenge before me. I met with my amazing news team last night, assigned posts, and made preliminary plans for our line-up. Along with broadcasting Democracy Now's election coverage, KRLX will break into programming with a live broadcast. Our show will focus on both local and national elections. News correspondents will produce live reports from various sites, including Norm Coleman and Al Franken's campaign parties. It's bound to be an exhilarating time.

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I realize I've published two posts thus far about my passion for radio news. Honestly, it's what I spend most of my time doing. This year's Presidential election is, by far, the most important decision we'll have to make to date. With a global economy in the basement and millions of citizens desperate to hear their questions answered, we are obligated as journalists to produce content that educates our audience in the best way possible. How can we accomplish this? Well, its simple. Answer questions. Listen to what the American public has been screaming for some time. Hold local leaders accountable for what they claim they'll do. Okay, this may seem abstract, but its true. We must approach this event with as much agency as one has to offer. Although I'm not sure if we'll accomplish what we've set out for ourselves, know that we'll try our damndest to produce the best broadcast KRLX has to offer.

Wish us good luck. For those of you who are eligible to vote, please do so. Again, I'd love for you to tune into KRLX's election coverage next Tuesday beginning at 9:00PM EST.

Take a listen. We stream live online 24/7.

Until next time, you be good.