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So Long, Fall Term...

November 19, 2008 at 2:15 pm
By Claire Weinberg

I just went to the last class of my first fall term. I only have an anthro paper due Monday and a history final on Sunday (which I frankly don't even want to think about – three hundred years of European history shouldn't be so hard to memorize in four days, right?) before I go home. I can't believe the term is actually over, and especially can't believe it'll be six weeks before I come back again. I have missed home a little bit, but I'm really going to miss being able to go down the hall and bother my Carleton friends. Maybe I'll bother them over the internet instead. One funny thing is that I'm flying back to Boston on the same plane as my friend Max, whom I first met on the plane ride over here (he was one of the three other freshmen I met before New Student Week even started). Apparently there are only so many flights between Minneapolis and Boston.

I don't have any definite plans for winter break, other than visiting my grandfather in Arizona over New Year's. It'll be nice to have at least a few days of warmth before going back to face the Minnesota winter. (Honestly, I think I'm more fearful of the unknown than anything else right now – once I know how cold it gets, I'll probably be able to deal with it.)

I also need to study up for German 102, since I tested into it and didn't take 101 this term. I'm very excited for my classes winter term – I had an early registration time, to make up for my really late one this summer, and I got everything I wanted, which was German, Archaeological Methodology (for a possible concentration?), and Global Change Biology, my not-very-sciencey but interesting-sounding science class. (Although it might be more sciencey – sciencier? this is the problem with made-up words – than it looks.)

So this week I'll be trying to balance studying for my history final and hanging out with my friends as much as possible before they start to leave. I'm also having fun going to all the end-of-term concerts, like the one Aaron mentioned, and writing about them for Shout. (Search "carleton knights zombies" on YouTube. You will not regret it.) And then on Tuesday night I'll be back at home! I've been asked to make some posts over winter break, so don't stop reading.

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