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Prospies and Parents!

April 17, 2009 at 1:03 pm
By Claire Weinberg

My sister had never been to Carleton, and I didn't come home over spring break, so they decided to come out here over my sister's birthday weekend. (I got her a Carleton sweatshirt. I haven't given it to her yet, but it's pretty much not a secret at all, so I figure I can post it here.) I'm meeting up with them in a couple hours, and maybe we'll go for a walk in Northfield or something in the BEAUTIFUL weather – it's 70 degrees out right now, and very sunny. Spring is finally here. (I know this for sure because the guys from second Watson who taught me to fish fall term are fishing on the bridge to Goodhue again. They're as reliable as any natural sign.)

But anyway, I think my sister will probably be mistaken for my prospie all the time, since there are so many prospies running around, which should be funny. Maybe I can actually make her into a prospie, although I'd have graduated by the time she would come to Carleton anyway. Speaking of prospies, Alex had one last night who looked uncannily like a friend of mine from third Goodhue. Needless to say, when I brought him up there and showed him to his twin, they both denied they looked anything alike, but they definitely did. Plus, they both want to be physics majors, so they are obviously the same person.

On a slightly more earnest note, I had a conversation last night with another prospie that I think is pertinent enough to post here. She was choosing between Northwestern and Carleton, and one of her major concerns was name recognition. She could say "I go to Northwestern" to her friends from home, she said, and everyone would recognize the name and acknowledge the quality of the school, but if she said "I go to Carleton," no one would know what she meant. I knew what she was talking about – when I told people where I was going to college last year, they would say, "Oh, Carleton. That's nice – where is that?" (Which was always followed up by, "Minnesota? It's cold there!" But I digress.) I think in those situations you just have to be confident that the school is good even if no one knows about it. We're like the college equivalent of a great out-of-the way restaurant – only a few people know about it, but that actually improves the experience because it doesn't get crowded with people who are only here for the name. Besides, the people you would really want to recognize the name of your college generally do know about Carleton (the director of the nonprofit I worked for last summer told me he had wanted his daughter to go to Carleton rather than Brown). Of course, this is coming from someone who really could care less about brand recognition (I didn't even apply to any big-name schools), but actually a lot of Carleton students are like that (which doesn't mean that nobody cares about prestige, just that it's not as important to the student body as a whole as it is at some other places).

Now it's time for French, which I am still absolutely in love with, and then Ebony practice. This particular dance is coming together perfectly, which makes me really happy. Showing (where everyone performs their individual dances for the rest of the group) is this weekend, so hopefully I can learn the other, more difficult dance by then. And by the way, I was recognized last weekend by not one but TWO prospies, so there is precedent for accosting me and telling me you read this blog! Do it!


  • April 19 2009 at 3:26 pm

    a) yay RKBill!

    b) he did NOT look like Nathan. 

    c) I've only seen you like once all week

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