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May 3, 2011 at 3:16 pm
By Claire Weinberg

First of all, in case you've ever wondered what that Ebony thing is that I keep going on about, check these videos out:

One of the dances I was in this term: We R Who We R

Such Great Heights (this one was based on contact improv, which is offered as a PE class)

And, of course, Mandance.

Ebony makes me consistently happier than probably anything else ever. No big deal.

Another thing that is good: This Sunday I went to the May Day parade in Minneapolis, which I thought would be some kind of happy-go-lucky hippie celebration of nature but turned out to be really thoughtful and sort of bleak. Which seemed very fitting, considering a) the economic times and b) how cold it was that day. There was a motif of large groups of people dressed as crows, which I think was supposed to represent some sort of omen of doom. There were also several rather disorganized marching bands, a float that looked like the Industrial Revolution in mobile form, and a "Free Speech" section at the end that included everyone from Hare Krishnas to Minnesota mail carriers. While waiting for the parade to come by, I got some excellent Mexican food at the Mercado Central on Lake Street. I continue to be amazed by the fact that most of my exposure to Mexican culture has been in Minnesota. Afterwards, to warm up, we went to a tiny café owned by Somali immigrants, where the woman at the counter seemed very concerned that I didn't want to put more than two scoops of sugar in my mint tea and offered us free bananas. Minneapolis is cool, is my main point.

And now I will go out and enjoy the beautiful finally-spring-like weather! 

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