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February 21, 2012 at 4:07 pm
By Claire Weinberg

Where have I been all this time that I haven't been posting, you ask? Well, alternately working on comps and putting off working on comps, basically. Today I finally turned in a full draft (37 pages!) so I feel like celebrating, even though my final draft is due on Friday and I was supposed to have turned in a full draft ages ago.

One of the only other things I've been doing regularly lately (besides step aerobics, of course) is having tea parties. Somehow my roommates got it into their heads to invite all our female friends over for tea and cookies one afternoon, and it's snowballed into a weekly ritual where we take turns hosting tea. It's become such a thing that since it's girls only, our male friends decided to start having a "beer party" at the same time (around 5 on Wednesdays, to give you an idea), but we doubt it's as fun, because being slightly tipsy at 5 PM and then going back to doing homework doesn't sound so pleasant. (Don't worry, they're all 21.)

Anyway, maybe this only surprises me because I don't usually hang out in large groups of only women, but our conversations have been amazingly frank and open, much more so than if there were any men around. We've had extended debates about the morality of polygamy, discussed different birth control methods and sexual health, and kept each other up to date on the latest developments in Minnesota abortion laws. It's really refreshing for me to be in that environment with so many smart women being so blunt every week. What I think is especially impressive is the fact that this happened organically at a time when we're all going crazy with work. I like when I'm reminded that people on this campus do value taking time out from the grind to have genuine personal interactions.

After this Friday, my genuine personal interactions will become much less scheduled, since I'll feel like I have all the time in the world after finishing comps. But until then, I'd like to give a shoutout to the weekly tea party, for keeping me sane and centered until then. 

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