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Finals Are Done!

June 8, 2009 at 9:22 am

My mom came up to visit and wrote a few thoughts for me!  Other things: Classes are blessedly done (I've been catching up on my sleep and my tv shows), I cut my hair nice and short (so far loving it), I have been working up a storm at the library, and I even managed to turn in both my papers on time.  One of my roommates left last night, which is a bit sad, but inevitable.  I think I have 19 hours for this pay period when normally I have 15-16, and I had to get subs for 3.5 of my normal hours, too.

Additionally, I am super excited to start my internship at Democracy for America, and sad to see all my senior friends leaving.  Hopefully I'll get to see a couple of them over the summer while I'm up here in the Northeast!

Thoughts from my mom:

Last weekend I had the marvelous good fortune to visit Carleton (and Jane).  Her a cappella group, Nightshade, was giving its final performance of the year, with half of the members graduating (good luck, Christoph, Tom, and David!).  While I was there, I enjoyed a hiphop dance performance, three a cappella group performances, and "Liberal Arts: The Musical", as well as just wandering around campus and town enjoying the May sunshine and the scent of lilacs.  I've only visited Carleton in either May or October, so my opinions on the weather may be a bit skewed.  What impressed me with this visit is the creativity of the students.  Not many students are music, dance, drama, or art majors, but it is clear that the fine arts are a regular part of student life, as either a participant or spectator.  Carleton seems to encourage this additional dimension in their students, and I hope that development of the Arts Union will be able to continue in the near future.  I like that students feel confident enough to create, even if the results may be a tad goofy ("Daft Hands").  After one of the performances, I was surprised to see that someone had arranged a group of bikes outside a building upside down and in a circle.  Prank or art? 

Enough of this meandering.  I can't imagine a better college for my daughter.  She is learning, thriving, creating, and having the time of her life.  What more could a parent want?

Awww ... 

Lastly, TV shows I'm watching:

Weeds - Showtime does an amazing job with Mary-Louise Parker (remember her?  She won your heart in Fried Green Tomatoes) as the young widow with two sons, both full of trouble, who takes to dealing weed to make a living without her main breadwinner.  Funny, dark, and sometimes offensive (but self-consciously so), this show is delicious.

West Wing - Aaron Sorkin's classic about senior staffers in the White House - they include the Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff, Director of Communications and Press Secretary, and various others in the group.  The dialogue is fast, witty, and sarcastic, and the characters are believable and incredibly easy to identify with.  Goes a bit downhill after Sorkin leaves, around Season 4 or 5.

South of Nowhere - every time I watch this show or DeGrassi or any of the other shows on Noggin (The N?), I wish it didn't cost so much to get cable packages that include that channel.  This deals with a girl who moves to LA with her small-town Catholic family, and all kinds of changes happen.  Most importantly, the main character, Spencer, meets an out lesbian named Ashley who changes her world.  This show deals delicately (if sometimes over-dramatically) with a teenage girl coming to terms with her sexuality in the face of an unsupportive family and unsupportive high school student body.  A bit heavy-handed at times, it's a pretty pioneering show, as it doesn't fall victim to the stereotype of the predatory lesbian who "recruits" new lesbians and doesn't force Spencer to move any faster than she has to.  Regardless, fun teen drama with a good message.

Additionally, I hope you all have lovely summers - for those of you new freshmen, I will see you in the Fall when I am a New Student Week Leader.  As for the rest of you, I will be back in full force in the Fall!