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Second Goodhue, Second Glance

October 6, 2009 at 12:33 pm
By Jon Kittaka

Proximity matters.  And so does awesomeness.

Hi again,

How's everything going?  Getting those college apps in?  Sorry for reminding you.  Anyways, Common App is your friend.  I don't think you even have to write any essays specifically for Carleton, and I think it's just one for Common App.  That's nice, right?   Yeah, it is.

Enough about that.  Let's talk about floor life.  So here's how I felt: I get to campus early for Cross Country camp; I spend a week learning everyone's names.  Then I go to New Student Week where I learn a whole new set of names.  Once I got around to meeting everyone on my floor, I was a bit named out.  The first floor activity was NOlympics. 

Adventure 8: NOlympics (with description by special guest, New Student Week booklet)

Now you are prepared for one of the most “udderly” amazing nights at Carleton. Participate in a variety of NOlympic events and bond with your floor. A NOlympic Closing Ceremony will announce the ‘best’ three residence hall floors and prizes will be awarded! Which team will be awarded this year’s coveted, giant cow?

I like how it says, "Now you are prepared".  No, NSW booklet, I was not prepared!  I knew the names of only a few people on our floor, making cheering difficult at best.  We also had the seemingly cool but ultimately kind of lame theme of "Emo Superheroes."  The problem with being emo is that you can't be cheery and hyper which I think is what NOlympics is all about.  Whoops.


After this somewhat rough beginning, I was starting to think, "Man, I'm tired of learning names.  It'll take forever to get to know this whole new group of people."

I'm glad I was wrong.

(Well, actually, I was right about the being tired of learning names part, but I was wrong about the taking forever part.)

As some of you may have deduced from the title, I live on the second floor of Goodhue Hall.  Goodhue hall is often shortened to Goodhue, which, in turn may be shortened to 'Hue, and if you're really in the mood for truncation, just pronounce the letter 'H' and nod your head in Goodhue's general direction.  My particular floor is designated as "sub-free."  I have yet to see any sandwich aficionados in violation of this residential and culinary agreement.  There are, however, those who try to stretch the rules to the limits (see below).  Fortunately, this subversive subculture is overall rather subdued.

Allie Sub Gangstah 

As time passed, I quickly got to know a bunch of people on my floor.  It's just kind of natural, because they live so  close.  So far, most of the fun I've had has been with these people.  They're great.  I've even been told they even read my blog "religiously" (...twice?).  Allie Cooperman lives across the hall from me.  We complain together about living at the end of the hall where no one walks by for impromptu visits.  Andrew likes spicy things.  <end of mention requests>  What I like most about our floor is that we don't always have to be doing "activities".  Sometimes we just hang out and it's fun.  It's a nice break from the way campus is so busy and full of presentations and performances and things that fit into time slots.

Adventure 9: Happy Birthday Adandi

Last weekend, we had a surprise "floor dinner"/birthday party at Chapati in downtown Northfield.  It was for three guys on our floor--Adam, Dan, and Fadi--so we had a cake and sign that said "Happy Birthday Adandi!".  Kind of reminds me of that one shirt.  That sure is a funny shirt.  The party was a lot of fun and the food was good.  Dealing with a huge check like that was a pain, though; we hardly ever need cash for anything, so we just didn't have the bills to divvy it up right.  Split check is probably the way to go.

Adandi sign 

This past Monday, we relived the good times by taking down the decorations and having an epic balloon battle.  It lasted longer than any balloon battle I've ever had, probably because of our great need for catharsis.


Adventure 10: Karl and Olaf

I strongly dislike talking about or hearing about politics.  I don't like how it tends to make people look down on other people.  But I do like my floor friends, so I went with them to see Karl Rove speaking at St Olaf.  We took a bus down to St. Olaf's campus--or perhaps up to St. Olaf's campus since it's on a hill.  Once there, we ate at their humongous dining hall (I hear they only have one?).  It was a sea of people.  The food was pretty good--they have the same food service as us (Bon Appetit) but, supposedly, the next "level" of it.  People make it sound like it's leaps and bounds better, but I thought it was only modestly tastier.  After dinner, we went out to find Karl Rove.  It was raining, and we had no idea where he was.  Andrew thought he knew, but he really didn't, so I ran up to a random person and asked for directions.  Crazy thing: I actually knew this guy from high school!  Whoah.  So he gave us directions and we eventually got in after waiting in line for a while.  Before we went in, apparently some guy wearing a ripped American flag ran out after having thrown a smoke bomb into the lobby area.  I didn't see this, but I smelled the gunpowdery smell.  Later, he had to be pulled out of the auditorium by security. Karl's talk was pretty interesting, but not interesting enough for me to want to write about it here.  Mainly he talked about commercializing health care.  Wait, but guess what?  His brother's name is Olaf!  So they're Karl and Olaf!  That's funny, the end.


Adventure 11: Kindred Spirits

So, you may have noticed that this blog doesn't really work how blogs are supposed to work (in my opinion, anyway).  Normal bloggers blog about stuff soon after said stuff happens.  And usually, there is only one point or story in each post.  Well, since I'm doing this for work, and taking a considerable amount of time doing it, it just works better to blog about a bunch of stuff from different times all at once.  That said, I have a treat for you: a story from the now!  Really!  This just happened!  Isn't that exciting?  It's also a really random story.  So, just now, I googled "carleton nsw booklet".  Why?  I don't know why.  That's just how I blog.  Anyway, I clicked on 'images' and found this link (I'm sure the content will change eventually, so click it while you can).  Right as I read "Kindred Spirit August 2008", I overheard my boss, Jaye, in the next room saying, "...there's a lot of kindred spirits..." (or something along those lines).  It was really weird. 

As an added bonus, if you scroll down that page to the picture of greens in a pink bag, you'll find that "Jenny Carleton, NSW" was a winner of the Kindred Spirit July newsletter subscription competition!  After another google search, I'm guessing that Ms. Carleton is from New South Wales...


Adventure 12: Libe Exploration

So lately I've had some time to explore the Libe.  By that, I mean that I've had to write some papers and I worked on them at the Libe.  So, funny story: remember how I told you in my first post that everything at Carleton has an acronym?  Well I was walking through the Libe and I noticed that they have a baord game called Acronymity in the front lounge-ish area.  That's some self-referential humor right there.  So, I googled "Acronymity" and found a listing on  I like the one user review:

This game is not fun. If you know the acronym it's asking for, it's too easy. If you don't know, you don't care. I have never played a more boring game (except maybe Ubi).

Hmm... "If you don't know, you don't care".  Kind of makes you wonder about acronyms in general, no?  But I guess Carls are the curious types.

Also in the Libe: you know those big things at the doors of libraries that you walk through that make sure you checked out the books?  I don't know what they're called, but I noticed something cool about them (at least the ones at Gould Library).  So when I walked through them, they made a very slight high-pitched noise, like, "eeeeeee."  It was so quiet, I could barely hear it.  But when I was wearing earbuds without any music playing, I could hear the high-pitched noise a lot more clearly!  Isn't that exciting?  So, remember kids, don't try this at home--try it at your local library!  And tell me if it works!


Adventure 13: The Most Dramatic Toilet Stall in the Universe

So you know how I told you that story about "Kindred Spirits" and I said it was happening right now?  Well, the truth is, I had to work on the sub photo before I could actually post this, so it actually happened two days ago.  But here's something that actually happened today!  Yay!  Well actually, I noticed this a while ago.  But I remembered it today!  Located off of Burton dining hall is the most dramatic toilet seat in the universe (to my knowledge).  If there were any toilet seats on the spacecraft that hit the moon today, they would take the cake, but I don't think there were.

A toilet stall 


Well, that was long.  Hope you gained some valuable insights into the theatrical qualities of plumbing.  And Carleton.  See you later!






  • October 11 2009 at 1:45 am
    Andrew Chael

    Woo! I'm in an admissions blog! Thanks for actually putting me in, Jon! And for telling the world that I have no idea about where anything is on Olaf's campus. Awesome. Prospies out there.... Just because Olaf got Karl Rove and has slightly better (and spicier) food does not mean you should go there; we are a thousand times as cool as the Oles. And their campus is really far from town, as we discovered when we had to walk back... in the rain... at night. (Sorry for missing the bus, guys!)

  • October 12 2009 at 6:22 pm
    Hannah Joy

    I just spent the last 10 minutes reading your blog instead of studying for Chinese. I especially enjoyed the picture of the toilet.

  • October 13 2009 at 1:00 pm
    dan kittaka

    i have also noticed the high pitch "eeeeee" sound when wearing earbuds and walking through those library detector things.  our library has been given the acronym, "ugl," undergraduate library.  some people like to call it the ugl-y.  it is pretty ugly, too.  I guess it is fitting.  Our library is two stories underground with a courtyard in the middle in which people smoke and talk on their cellular phones.  There is a planter in the courtyard with a big tree in it and they've planted other foliage so that when looking in from ground level it looks like a "yin-yang."

  • October 13 2009 at 3:33 pm

    I've totally noticed the high-pitched not-stealing-books-thing noise, only I've only ever heard it when I was wearing earbuds. I assumed it was some kind of interference (you know, with the... electricity. I'm very tech-savvy). Are you perhaps a robot? That would explain why you hear it every time.

  • October 16 2009 at 10:07 am
    Jon Kittaka

    Hm.  that's an interesting story, dank.

    I'm glad other people have heard it too.  Maybe I don't hear it every time?  Sometimes when you're listening really hard in a quiet place you just hear a high pitch noise wherever you are.  That could explain it. 

    Or I could be a robot.  I actually don't write blog posts, I just stick my finger in the usb port then copy and paste.

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