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November 3, 2009 at 11:20 am

They don't call it "the city that never sleeps" for nothing.  Or for anything.

Hello there,

How's it going?  I'm doing all right.  I'm getting in gear for Cross Country conference this Saturday.  Should be good times, though I haven't been running too well, lately.  Oh hey, I  didn't post this until now... so conference is now past and it was pretty good!  Our women's team won conference and the men placed 6th (I'm really bad at posting posts near the time that I start them...)

So I thought I'd talk about downtown Northfield a little today, specifically a trip I took with some floormates: Dennis, Adam, and Mara (and also Famous Johnson for part of the time, though he's not on our floor).  For a Chicago boy like me, downtown Northfield can be a little underwhelming (I like Chicago because I'm always getting lost in it), but that doesn't mean it can't be a good time.

Adventure 19: Econofoods

Econofoods is the local grocery store at the far end of downtown Northfield.  We traveled there first, with the intent of getting ingredients for a Study Break snack.  Study Break is a time every Sunday night where the RA's tell the floors about stuff going on during the week and we talk about how we're doing.  We also eat snacks, and this week we decided to make puppy chow (It was more Dennis and Adam who signed up, but I went along for fun).

Econofoods 1
Here's them surveying the products in an extremely candid way


Econofoods 2
Their concept of "not butter" is being completely redefined.

On a box of Crispix, there was a special offer for a Star Trek t-shirt.  So I'm mailing in for my very own Star Trek shirt!  It comes in three colors: Gold (Captain), Red (Operations), and Blue (Science and Medical).  I chose gold, because that's the captain's shirt, and it's sort of the most iconic of the three.  Not that I really know anything about Star Trek, but the movie was good stuff.  I'll let you know when it comes.  I hope it comes before I go home for break, but the box said to allow 90 days (what??) for shipping.


Adventure 20: Aquatic Pets

There's an aquatic pet store in Northfield which is pretty cool.  If you want a pet, you should pretty much come here, since you're only allowed to have fish in your dorm.

Fish 1

Fish 2
Check out this sweet fish.  It's pretty much totally see-through.  The camera refused to focus on it, but you get the point.

There's also a really sleepy old cat who lives in the store.  People who miss their pets back at home can come and pet this cat.


Adventure 21: Echo DVD and Games... Echo DVD and Games... Echo DVD and Games... 

We also checked out Echo DVD and Games which is a DVD and Games store in Northfield.  They have a really awesome selection of stuff--way more in the way of old games than any of the lame big chains like Gamestop.  Of interest to me were the original Gameboy games and the N64 games.  There were some totally legit classics sitting on the shelves at pretty reasonable prices.  I bought Pokemon Pinball, Hyper Lode Runner, and Rogue Squadron all at a fraction of the price I would pay for any one new game.  One pretty interesting tidbit: when I bought the games and tried them out, they didn't work.  They stopped at the opening Gameboy screen.  But when I took them back, the lady just wiped the contacts with a windexed q-tip, and now they work.  So if your games ever stop working, try cleaning them!  It's like the next level of blowing into the cartridge.


Adventure 22: Clear Skies

Sometimes the sky is really clear and the sun is really, really bright.  On days like those, I whip out the camera and take pics.

Some of these trees are gnarly and awesome

A somewhat heavenly view of Goodsell

Glare from the Goodhue Superlounge

Hey look, it's Dennis.

The night is pretty nice, too.

Glowing outside Goodsell
More Goodsell

Moon Glow
The Sun: as reflected by the Moon


Yup, that's it for now.  Talk to you later




  • November 3 2009 at 3:47 pm

    How did the puppy chow turn out?

  • November 5 2009 at 12:00 am
    Jon Kittaka

    The Puppy chow turned out really great!  It was very sweet and deliciously unhealthy tasting, just like good puppy chow should be.  Or so I hear, anyway, since I actually didn't know what puppy chow was until we went to get ingredients for it.

  • November 6 2009 at 1:43 pm
    Ben and me

    stunning pictures, are they just plain photographs or did you do some digital imaging stuff too? 


  • November 6 2009 at 3:34 pm
    Jon Kittaka

    Thanks, the I can't believe it's not butter pic and the nighttime pics were color-edited.  the others are not edited.

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