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Hodj n Podj

January 31, 2012 at 12:47 pm

Hello dear readers,

There is a curious paradox that no one can explain.  Looking at my past blog posts, I think that the less I have anything to say, the more things I talk about.  I suppose it's to try to barrage you with slightly interesting things so that you might find one of them interesting, since I don't have any single fantastically interesting thing to talk about.  I think a lot of blogs do these things in separate posts, but since I have certain hours set aside for blogging, I may as well do it all at once.  Oh, speaking of Once, have you seen that movie?  It's basically a love story with lots and lots of great music.  It's not a musical in the suspension-of-disbeliefy sort of way, though, because it's actually about musicians.  When I saw it a few years ago, I really loved it and I think I watched it like 3 times.  Anyway, they're making a Broadway musical of it which is really exciting!  Oh, speaking of musicals, the first sentence of this paragraph is an El Gallo quote from the Fantasticks, which I was in last term!  That show is one of my fondest memories at Carleton.

I think the reason I don't feel like I have much to talk about is that all I've been doing/thinking about is the animation I'm working on for the Golden Schillers student movie festival.  Movies are due next Monday and I have SO MUCH to do.  Check my last post for a screenshot of the process.  I tend to have a very one-track mind.  I like to latch onto a project and only focus on that one thing.  Which is really impossible, of course, especially here at Carleton.  But that's just sort of how I function.  One of the best parts of my life was when I was working on How You Like Your Eggs over spring break and I was drawing over 12 hours a day, only stopping to eat and sleep.  That's sort of what I've been doing now, except with a lot of other things thrown in the mix.

Fun link time: the new Carleton Career Center site is up!  I think I mentioned earlier that this summer I was creating cool caricatures of the Carleton career center employees for the new site, and now that it's up, you can go see them!  Please, do, I'm quite proud of them (I didn't design the site, though, that was done by Nathan Breitenbach-Dirks, the awesome designer on staff).

I like always having pictures for you, so here's a project I'm working on for costume design class:Romeo Costume
Mortimer, fetch the Doublet!  (Sorry, another Fantasticks quote, I can't help myself.)

Juliet Dress

We're designing for a pretend production of Romeo and Juliet and these are two of my costume designs.  They are not finished, as they are lacking in the color department.  But I thought you might find them interesting.  It's a bit hard coming up with good ideas for period clothing because you have less of an automatic sense for what different types of cuts/clothes feel like.  You can get a general sense from paintings and such of the type of clothing people wore, but I definitely felt that a lot of the details come down to randomness/personal taste.  But I think that the colors and embellishments will add a lot of the sort of emphases that I want to make.  Romeo will be red and black, while Juliet will be blue and white.

I just searched my blog for the word "pony" and I got 0 results!  What is that about?  Have I seriously never talked about ponies?  But actually, if you've never seen My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, go check it out!  It has garnered quite a cult following, particularly among males of all ages who are referred to as "bronies".  Fan Fiction, Fan Music, Fan Games, etc. abound!  I was introduced to MLP: FiM last summer by one of my coworkers here at Web House.  It's quite a fun show, and I appreciate how it portrays very flawed characters in a non-cynical way.  I've been watching episodes of season 2 here and there and I think it may be even better than season 1!

Anyhow, I have to get going to class now.  I hope my random post had something interesting for you!  Oh yeah, the title of this post is a reference to this funny old computer game called Hodj n Podj, which was a bunch of random games put together.  We used to play it at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  I didn't know the phrase hodge-podge until much after I played the game.  Funny how often that happens when you're a kid!



PS: I know I've already said a ton of random things but this video is adorable.  It's a five-year-old giving her impressions of various logo designs and it's pretty much amazing.  If you read about graphic design a lot, which i sometimes do, the amount of pride and pretension can become kind of overwhelming.  This is a nice break!


  • February 2 2012 at 1:56 pm

    nice pants Romeo. i also like the brand logo video: baby toys!

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