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Terms of Endearment

February 14, 2012 at 10:50 pm

Dear readers,

I was thinking about how terms at Carleton can sometimes end up being strangely unified in experience.  I had one term earlier where I sort of felt this happening.  I think it was Spring term freshman year, I was taking Intro American Studies, Fields of Performance (a dance class), and Sounds Studies (a Cinema and Media Studies class).  I actually am kind of forgetting why exactly this all felt unified, but I know it at least partially had to do with the idea of phenomenology.  I had never encountered the word "phenomenological" before, but this term it appeared in readings for all three of my classes.  Basically phenomenology deals with studying the conscious experience of anything.

Anyways, this term has also been somewhat unified in terms of the classes I've been taking.  Or if not necessarily unified, then sort of related.  Costume design and life drawing are related in the sense that they both involve drawing people.  It was quite a contrast, though, the ways we were taught in each class.  Costume design involved a lot of tracing and using charts, while life drawing was all about observational drawing.  Then life drawing and art history since 1945 have some overlap because we have weekly readings in life drawing about recent artists using the human figure.  In fact, we went to the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and there was a painting by John Currin, whom we read about in Life Drawing.  "Whom".  That sounded really interesting.  But it's always kind of fun in that silly academic sense when one class informs another, especially when you're taking them simultaneously.

So that was why I called the post "Terms of Endearment".  It doesn't really make sense, but it sort of works.  Because the classes in the term are sort of... uh... endearing to each other?  It's kind of like a Saturday morning cartoon episode title.  You know how those are almost always a pun or based on some saying?  And they usually only sort of make sense.  I actually started this post last week, but now that it's Valentine's day, it's fitting!  Happy Valentine's day!  Will you be my commenter?

Some updates: I finished the movie for Golden Schillers (student film festival) that I was working on!  I'm excited for the actual festival which is this Friday, 8pm, in the Chapel.  I think we have a good chance at placing with our movie!  It's called Going in Circles, and it's about what happens when Sisyphus rolls his rock to the top of the hill and it stays there.  Here are some still images, I'll link to the final movie when it's posted online!


Sisyphus rock
Here is a pic of Sisyphus chipping his rock (you'll see why in the movie!).

This was a screenshot I took while making the Tantalus scene.  Boy, was it a lot of work animating the tree and giving it personality.

This here's the picture I used as reference for Sisyphus when I was first planning stuff.  It in the black-figure style of vase painting (which came before the more detailed red-figure style).  I learned about this stuff my very first term at Carleton in Ancient Athletics!

Here are also my final costume renders for the Romeo and Juliet project in costume design.  I showed you some of the uncolored ones in a previous post.  I actually had a lot of fun coloring these:

Juliet Costume Color


Post 54 Term themes

So yeah, fun times with the renaissance pattern and parchment to set the mood.  The color palette was trying to be based on the Sistine chapel and that sort of shows up, although subtly.  

I also have a little story about design.  I was working on this cave poster for the band Asobi Seksu, and it was coming along okay.  I saved it as a jpg, and I was going to send it off for proofreading, but I realized it had a really similar color scheme to a few other posters I had done--a sort of magenta/purple/pink with dark blue.  So I decided to play around with the colors and settled on more of a red.  Not a huge difference, really, but it completely changed the poster from something passable to one of my favorites that I've done!  Take a look.  Sometimes it pays to be a little different from yourself:

asobi seksu poster

That is all.  I wish you the best.






  • February 16 2012 at 12:40 pm
    Katie Sauter Messick ('88)

    One term I was taking paleogeology and printmaking, and I discovered that Archaeopteryx was found in the same quarry that my lithography stones came from in Bavaria.  I loved finding those connections between classes.  Glad you do, too!

  • February 18 2012 at 10:52 am
    Jon Kittaka

    Whoah!  That's really cool!

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