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Fallen Pollen

March 30, 2012 at 11:16 am

Dear readers,

Spring is come, and with it, all the lovely pollens that make my head a splode.  Hope you're faring better than me in that department.  It's weird, I never really had seasonal allergies until the middle of high school.  I had a lot of food allergies growing up which are much less significant now, so it's sort of like I traded allergy types.  Anyway, springy spring weather.  It was weird though, yesterday it was actually way colder than the past few weeks!  Maybe we're not actually experiencing global warming... maybe it's global temperature inversion.  That would be inconvenient.

We all just got back from Spring break here, although "got back" is not quite right, since I've been right here all along.  My roommate, Andrew, and I stayed here at Carleton over Spring break.  We worked right where I'm working right this moment, at the web services house!  We also watched a lot of How I Met Your Mother, played video games, and made some delicious vegetarian soup.  And we went to Hunger Games last Friday with some other students who stayed on campus over break.  It was fun, although we thought the movie was sort of iffy.  Speaking of dystopian novels, I'm excited for Insurgent, #2 in the Divergent trilogy, which comes out May 1st.  The author, Veronica Roth went to Carleton for a bit before transferring to Northwestern University.  The first book was great and you should definitely check it out.

There are some days when I just really appreciate Carleton and I am reassured that all the talk about Carleton being special is not just talk.  Monday was one of those days.  I was signed up for a full course load but I wasn't sure how I was going to manage all of the extracurricular activities and such that I wanted to do.  So I had the idea to underload and take only two main classes instead of three, but I wasn't really looking forward to dropping one of my classes.  But the professor whose class I ended up dropping was just wonderfully understanding and supportive and it pretty much made my day.  Also, I decided I could take Swing dance and voice lessons since I wasn't going to be in three classes, and those are both exciting prospects (voice lessons cost extra, but there is financial aid available).  I missed the online registration for all these things so I have to go around getting signatures and so forth, but all the professors have been particularly helpful.

I have a cool heads up for you!  Mad Rapture is "an electronic duo that dabbles between the realms of live instrumentation and electronic hotness", according to the SoundCloud page.  I'm not sure if I can give much of a better description than that.  But yeah, it's music featuring a recent Carleton alum as the vocalist!  Their first EP Heavy Sugar is out and you can download it now!  Mad Rapture suggests a donation to Tickets for Kids in lieu of payment, and you can get more info about that here.  A second CD is apparently on the way, as well, so keep your grapes peeled for that.  Here's the link to their main site.  I've been enjoying listening to it, and so can you!  One other exciting tidbit is that I might be working with Mad Rapture on an animated music video at some point!  Chalk up another point for Carleton being amazing.

I'd like to take a moment to recognize some of the fantastic spam comments I've been getting recently.  For instance, one UK-based moving company says, "Revenge tragedies and in particular the one you are talking about have always been my fa[v]ourite ones"!  I really appreciate comments of the particular nature of which I am discussing.  It's nice that they're trying to be so positive these days.  But I also like comments that are not procedurally generated, so let me know if you have any questions about Carleton or thoughts about my post!

And, since I don't like posting without pictures, here are some shots of my final project in Life Drawing last term:

Life Drawing final project

Life Drawing final project

Life Drawing final project

Life Drawing final project 

First I drew in glue with a brush and let it dry.  Then, I drew lots of pictures of people from Facebook over the dried glue with ink, and scrubbed the glue clean again afterwards so that I was left with a negative figural image surrounded by a sort of cloud of figures.

That is all.






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