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My Little Summer

June 6, 2012 at 12:04 pm

Hi Readerz,

I put a 'z' at the end so that you would feel extra cool.  Does it make you feel cool?  Approximately 20% cooler?  There's nothing like a good ol' 'z'.  It would make Charlie Brown feel cooler to have the nickname "Flash".  He confided in Lucy one time that he would like to be called "Flash" and she laughed at him, even though she said she wouldn't.

So it's 10th week, Spring term... aka the LAST WEEK!  Although next Monday is technically still school.  But we're very close now, very close indeed.  As a junior Studio Art major, I just had my pre-comps presentation.  This is where the Studio majors individually present about their work and direction to all the art faculty.  It was quite difficult trying to give a good picture of myself in 8 minutes.  For a variety of reasons, I don't usually like talking about my work as an artist.  But I put a ton of work and thought into it, and I think I did a pretty good job!  Now I am all thought out though... I don't think I will be able to think again for a very long time.  As I may have mentioned, I was underloading on classes this past term, so thankfully, my final schedule isn't very full.  I'm more or less done with my Studio Art Junior Seminar, voice lessons, and swing dance, and my other class Intro CS, I just have to finish my final project.

My final project for CS is more or less making a clone of this old game from the Microsoft Puzzle Pack.  Maybe some of you out there who had Windows 95 will remember the Microsoft Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection, as it is officially called.  One of my favorite games in the puzzle pack was Jewel Chase, a game where you play a burglar trying to nab all the loot.  Loot is all about getting nabbed, isn't it?  So I'm making a clone of Jewel Chase in Python.  My tentative plan is to make it My Little Pony-themed.  We'll see if I end up having enough time.


I didn't post this post right away because it wasn't finished yet, and now it's much later so the time references don't really make sense.  But that's not a problem, right?  Time is pretty screwy on the internet already.  So now it's move-out day.  Everyone was buzzing around, goodbyes were said, a friend of mine picked up a perfectly good guitar from a dumpster (what??).  All around, an eventful day.  Mostly I was a spectator in all of this, since I'm staying in my room until commencement, and staying in Northfield after that.  I'm excited to be subletting an apartment this summer instead of staying in the dorms; hopefully it will be a very nice time.  I have tons of personal art projects and things that I'm all set to work on, so hopefully this should be a really cool and productive summer.

Other cool things: some awesome Carls are spending this summer making a movie!  Is that cool or what?  It's about these two people meeting in their dreams.  And they have a Kickstarter going, so you can support them and get cool incentives.  I'm really excited about this, and as you'll see in the video, I did some concept art for their brochures, so check it out and make a pledge!  They're well on their way, but certainly could use more help to get funded!

I'm almost finished with my My Little Pony game as well!  I added tons of cool features; now it's a 2 player game, where players compete to collect jewels (well, elements of harmony to be precise (not to be confused with elements in harmony)), and there's a cool menu and a racing game-style countdown when the levels start.  It's quite action-packed.  The only thing left to do is to add more levels.  The levels that I have now are stolen directly from the original game, Jewel Chase, and it's sort of questionable how well they translate to multiplayer.  However, I think I might just copy some more levels so that I can sort of create a finished product-type of thing.  The interesting thing about this project is that it's really one of the most complete projects that I've ever made, even though I've been attempting to make games for years.  I think the reason for this was that, in a way, this was a collaboration project rather than a solo project.  So in this project, I only was the programmer and pixel artist.  The majority of the game design came from Jewel Chase, and the general art direction came from My Little Pony.  Sometimes working on solo projects you can forget how many different elements there really are to creating a finished game.  It can be really nice to just hand off the art direction to someone else.  So, for instance, since all the character designs were set, I just had to worry about representing the characters with pixels.  I wasn't simultaneously modifying and second guessing the character design while drawing the pixels because the design wasn't mine.  It was surprising how big of a difference that made in just getting things done.   My two new roommates are in Game Development club, so maybe they will be able to convince me to join next year... although I will be very busy.  I would post pictures of my game, but I guess it's maybe of questionable legality?... Because it's a "collaboration"?  I dunno, the project was mainly for personal and educational purposes, so I'm sure that nobody minds.  My Little Pony has such a huge fan culture with all sorts of fan-made content, and if anything that helps the show's success. 

Well, I've got to go start on some of my other projects for web services.  I will not be posting regularly over the summer, but I might pop in every now and then to give you some updates.  I have a lot of cool art projects lined up for this summer, so hopefully it will be a fun and productive time.  Have a great summer!




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