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Winter Rain and Kittens

January 12, 2013 at 12:45 pm

Dear Readers,

Hello! Here I am, and it's the beginning of my senior year winter term.  For me this mean Comps (Senior Comprehensive Exercise for my Major) and a few other things.  Here's a brief rundown of my classes:

Intro Ceramics Handbuilding: Making stuff out of clay!  So far we have made pots, and now we are working on closed forms made by attaching two pots together.  The ceramics studio can be quite a time warp; I just spent several hours there last night and have a few more to go.  However, it can also be a very good time to think.

Comps: Think about things like Comps!  My senior comprehensive exercise is this term, so I have been drawing and trying to get revved up with that.  I'm not sure what my main focus will be yet, but right now I'm leaning toward comics or something like that.  I am also considering making a game, but that might be too hard given time constraints and my limitations as a programmer.

Winter Sports Fitness: This is a fun class that I decided to do with my roommate.  We played broomball last thursday and will go snowshoeing and skiing as well!  I am still sore from broomball; not because I was injured, but because I used many muscles that had not been used in quite some time!  But I am excited for all the things we'll be doing.  I was hesitant to take this class because of time worries and there is also a fee.  Buuuuut.... it just seemed like such a Carleton-y Minnesota-y thing that I should really do before graduating.  So here I am!  Although last night, I was out walking and I noticed it was all warm and wet and melty everywhere!  Hopefully this won't disrupt the class too much.

In other news, we're also approaching the release of Anodyne, the video game that I am working on.  I've talked about this in previous posts, and now we're just a few weeks away from releasing!  Nearly all the content is finished, just a few more tweaks here and there, then testing to make sure everything works.

Here's a little behind the scenes tidbit: 

Miao Xiao Tuan Er's perch
Miao Xiao Tuan Er (translates to something like "little furball kitty") was a kitty I got to know over the winter break.  Here he is in his favorite perch, the plastic bags on top of the cupboard.  I wanted a character who would follow you around in a large field area in Anodyne.  At first it was going to be a bunny, based on a character I made a long time ago named Charles MacBunnypants.  But after meeting Miao Xiao Tuan Er, I decided to put him in the game.  Miao Xiao Tuan Er's friend, Ichabod the cat will also make an appearance in Anodyne.  Bunnies make an appearance in a different part of the game (in a forest). 

Miao Xiao Tuan Er
This is how Miao Xiao Tuan Er looks in the game!

Please do check out and, if you'd like, pre-order!   Right now it's on sale for $7, which, as Sean says, is only the price of a sandwich that might not even be that good.  I've definitely had sandwiches for that much that weren't that good (*cough*RUEBCHICKENWRAP*cough* ...should have ordered the mushroom burger).  But yes, I've been pouring my heart and soul into this game since the summer, and it would mean a lot to me if you gave it a spin when it comes out.  Check out our indiedb page for a lot more screenshots and animated gifs (those are all the rage)!  Oh, also you can scroll all the way down on our home page to see a picture of me and Sean eating sandwiches that weren't that good!  Well, burritos, rather.  Do burritos count as sandwiches?  But, luckily, they weren't $7.

That's all for now, have a great week!  Please comment with questions about Carleton or Anodyne or anything else!




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