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A Quick Hello

February 12, 2013 at 11:04 am

Hello dear readers,

This is quite a busy term, and once again, I haven't had a lot of blogging opportunities. Even now, I should be working on comps! But--I have some exciting news for you, so here's a quick update.  The biggest thing is that my baby for the past 9ish months is finally born! In my last few posts I've been mentioning Anodyne, an exploration/adventure video game that I've been working on with my friend, Sean. Well, it released just over a week ago (has it only been a week??? My goodness, it feels like it's been out for months...), and you can watch the trailer and buy it on our website.

Overall, I am very happy with the finished product ("finished", we are still tweaking some final things). And there has been a really great response. I think most people who play the game have found the world to be very intriguing and engaging, which I am very happy about. There are some things I might have done differently if I had to do it over again. I tried to make the plot a bit vague and mysterious, so that it wouldn't stifle the mystery of the world as a whole, but I think this led most people to believe that there was no plot. It's a bit of a bummer for me, having thought so much about the main characters and how each piece of dialogue fits into their relationships and the basic plot, to see most people just experience it as random, disconnected dream-logic. That said, the plot really is not the main point of the game, and minimizing it does allow the world itself to come into the spotlight. If you are interested in some of the themes and plot of Anodyne, here's a great article by Sophie Prell. It really makes me feel good about the story side of things. We also have been getting some reviews; here is an interesting one by Joe Bernardi. We didn't get a particularly high score from him, but he had a lot of really interesting and great things to say about the game. Anyway, I'd love it if you'd check out the game! Oh also, one of the highlights of this whole process: we got fan art!

In other news, I'm loving ceramics handbuilding! It is wonderful to get away from the computer (where most of my work and play happens) and just do something that's physical and creative. I think because I've never done it before, I feel like I can interact with the clay in a much more simple, aesthetic way, rather than overthinking everything like in my general art practice. I'm really glad I decided to take it this term with comps and Anodyne!

Comps is also taking shape. It's going to be a book with illustrations. Right now I am pretty much just writing, but I am almost done with that phase and will hopefully get to the drawing by next week. I'd like to talk more, but I should probably go now! Ok, good to catch up! As always, please comment or ask any sorts of questions about this stuff or Carleton in general! Thanks!






  • February 18 2013 at 9:48 am
    Julie Stuberg

    Jon, my 13 year old son bought and downloaded your game yesterday (I told him about it when I read Carleton's congratulations to you on Facebook on Feb. 4) and he is making a video about it on his website CookedWafflez this morning. He'd like your permission to monetize his video on YouTube, which, I think, means to allow ads. (I'm not tech savy.) If it's alright with you, please let me know. He's very excited about the game! Julie S., class of '83

  • February 18 2013 at 10:24 am
    Jon Kittaka

    Hi Julie,

    That's great! I'm looking forward to the video, and he can absolutely monetize :)

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