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I ♥ Existentialists (well, sorta..)

December 19, 2008 at 1:40 pm

On Wednesday, I was thinking about this and decided to write down my conclusions; I had recently read a little about existentialism and found some helpful terminology. A little later, one of my roommates suggested we watch a movie. I was feeling extra existentialist, so I offered I Huckabees, which I had never seen before but had been told was existentialist. The movie wasn’t quite what I expected; existentialism was more a character than a theme, but I still enjoyed it. My other roommate (a philosophy major, by the way) was worried about inciting a crisis in the first roommate, but luckily the movie didn’t try to rip apart anyone’s perceptions. I’m often not a fan of comedy movies, but this one had a nice, subtle slapstick flavor which didn’t insult my intelligence.

The next day at work, another student asked me what I did the night before, and I said that I’d been feeling extra existentialist and watched that movie. That seems like an odd thing to say, but among Carleton students, it’s not an unheard of, or even unexpected, type of response. That’s one of the really cool things about my friends here is that we can throw those kinds of topics into normal conversation without thinking twice. A friend and I are avid Lost fans (which starts January 21, by the way!). As we watch each episode, we often start talking about the philosophers John Locke or David Hume, after whom characters in the show are named, or about topics like time dilation (crazy things happen on that island!), which appeals to the physicist in me. Not all conversations are diluted with these sorts of topics, but it’s completely normal, and satisfying in a way, to be able to shift smoothly from talking about Gossip Girl (not that I watch that show, mind you) to the status of the monarchy in the British Commonwealth. You never have to worry about limiting your vocabulary or anything like that. We’re all a little nerdy; you’ll even hear a few Dungeons & Dragons references from time to time (though that may be pushing the limits!).

 Oh, and we're going out for dinner tonight!  My vote is for Mexican (El Tequila).