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My off-campus experiences

October 3, 2011 at 10:34 pm

One of my favorite things about being a Carleton student is the off-campus, and study abroad opportunities. Last year, I was able to take part in two programs: the European Political Economy in Madrid and Maastricht during spring term, and the History, Memory, and the Atlantic World during winter break trip in Ghana. Both programs were great and allowed me to engage in academic work off-campus, but also gave me an opportunity to enjoy the cultural attributes of each place.

During the program in Europe, I spent the first half in Madrid and the second on Maastricht. I studied the political economy of each city, the current economic climate of the European Union, and their placement within the global economy. I promise to not won’t bore you with all the academic work! I was lucky to have a professor that encouraged weekend travel to other parts of Europe, and in many cases, the program covered the cost of visiting cultural sites.



The program to Ghana was threefold. A class fall term, travel to Ghana during winter break, and another class once we returned winter term. The program allowed me to form an independent research project. My project focused on Hiplife, the Ghanaian form of hip-hop, and the various ways that music in Ghana is used as a form of political power and protest.



These very different programs forced me to rethink the ways that I see the world, the privileged social position of Americans, and the effects of imperialism. Both of these experiences were transformative and life changing. Check out the pictures below and email me if you have questions. Until next week!

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