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Troy Davis Vigril

October 7, 2011 at 1:09 am

On Thursday, October 6th, about fifty Carleton students gathered to remember Troy Davis, a recent death row inmate that was killed even with vast doubt surrounding the evidence that was used in his initial trail. This is one of the many ways that Carleton students attempt to set outside of the ‘Carleton Bubble’ and engage is active, civic life.

Here are some background articles on his life and his judicial case.


Below is a version of the student reflection that I wrote for the vigil. 

“What the death of Troy Davis mean to us?

Troy Davis is our cousin, our brother, and our father.  White, Black or Brown, Troy Davis is anyone that has ever been stopped by the police without justification. Anyone that was forced to produce papers because they look a certain way in a certain place. Troy Davis is anyone that has been arrested and given an inadequate, overwhelmed public defendant. Troy Davis is anyone who is currently at the bottom of a public defendant’s, already overwhelmed, caseload. Troy Davis is our inner reflection of the holes in our justice system.

We live in a country were justice is determined by money and opportunity. Where people thousands of guilty people are free to walk and breath, while Troy Davis will never grow old and see his nephew attend college. Where evidence and proving beyond a reasonable doubt have become judicial luxuries, instead of necessitates. Where judges and justices determine life and death like Gods.   

The death of Troy Davis shows that we are a country with deep sins, with deep economic and racial inequalities and with deep ignorance and stubbornness.

It would to be silly to think that Troy Davis was the only man on Death Row wrongly convicted. There is a number of Troy Davis in every prison system in America.

As college students, now is the time to say that we will not let the next Troy Davis be subject to death by the state. Troy Davis died to teach us a lesson; hopefully that lesson has not fallen on deaf, uninformed ears.”






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