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Top 5 Stresses of Senior Year

October 17, 2011 at 5:43 pm

1. Battling the unknown – Meaning, waking up every morning thinking about post-Carleton life. Luckily Carleton has a superb Career Center that makes this process much easier. Among the many programs that the Career Center puts on each year is ’30 minutes’. These programs give Carls the opportunity to meet and build relationships with alums in their potential field.

2. Balancing work and applications – It’s an internal fight to balance coursework as a senior, while still filling out necessary job and graduate school applications.  This is where the Write Place helps out. They make the writing process 10x easier, which gives me time to work on job applications.

3. Comps — So comps is essentially a senior thesis that each student must do in order to graduate. The requirements vary by department. Most require extensive research and writing. My department, Political Science, requires majors to revise research from an advanced seminar.  I promise I won’t bore you too much with my topic, but my research studies current trends in recent black mayoral elections in majority black cities. I am using the 2002 elections in Newark and New Orleans as my case studies.

4.  Doing new things before it’s too late – Not much to say here, I’ve always wanted to go traying (kind of like sledding but with a tray from the dining hall) down Bell Field. I will do it this year!!!

5.  Not seeing the finish line too early (a.k.a. developing senioritis). – Easier said than done!

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