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Leaving Carleton for a Few Days

November 9, 2009 at 9:24 pm
By Katie Williams

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile...this week and weekend have been pretty busy.

I just got back to my townhouse a few hours ago from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport.  I actually wasn't at Carleton this weekend, because I went to visit a friend in Memphis for his birthday.  I tried to get all of my homework done by Thursday, so that I'd be ready to leave that afternoon.  It's usually hard to get away during the term, since our classes move so quickly and it can be a real drag if you get behind on your work.  Since I only have class on Tuesday/Thursday though, it was easy for me to leave and not miss class.

My brother gave me a ride to the airport, which was nice of him.  There are buses that run to and from the airport, but they have rather inconvenient hours, so people leaving during the term usually get rides from friends.  While it's not necessary to have a car on campus, and most students don't, it's pretty easy to find someone with a car to borrow if you need to get somewhere.

The flight was fine.  I connected through Atlanta, and arrived in Memphis around 9:00 p.m.  I had never been to Memphis before, so I didn't really know what to expect.  The first thing I noticed after getting my bags and stepping outside was how warm it was!  For my whole stay, the temperature never got below 75 degrees during the day.  In November!  It was a huge change from cold Minnesota!

Overall, I had a good trip.  I got to see the ducks march in to the Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis and visited Graceland one day.  And I still got all of my Carleton work done in the meantime.  

I don't usually leave Carleton during the term, mainly because it's expensive to take random trips during the year, but also because it's hard to keep up with work without the library and 24/hour computer labs so easily accesible.  I've done it twice now though (last spring I went home for a friend's wedding), and it's actually kind of refreshing.  I usually get more homework done sitting in an airport or on the plane than I do sitting in my room at school, since I'm not surrounded by the usual internet and television distractions.  And it's sometimes nice to get a change of scenary.

Also, it's great to get away from the sometimes-stressed atmosphere at school.  During 8th and 9th weekends, everyone starts to realize that the term's almost over and that they should actually start thinking about that 25 page paper due in less than a week.  That can be a pretty stressful situation!  So sometimes it's nice to take a step away from that, get your own work done in a more relaxed setting, and then come back to school (to get re-stressed with everyone else about all the other work you haven't yet completed).  But I'd say it's nice to get away sometimes.

Now I have to get back to working on things for this week, but I'll post again soon about what's been going on since I got back!