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Comps, Job, and Field Trip

May 2, 2010 at 5:29 pm
By Katie Williams

A few things that have gone on this term:

1. I finished comps!

Third week, I gave my comps presentation and officially completed that part of senior year.  If you don't remember (or if I never fully explained), my comps was on French Food Culture.  When I was studying abroad in Paris sophomore year, the French government had just passed a law requiring all advertisements for food to contain one of four health messages.  Everyone I spoke with told me the law came from a desire to protect French public health, but I wondered whether it could also come from a desire to protect a specific French food culture.  So I looked at the evolution of that culture throughout history and examined the new law through a cultural perspective.

2.  I figured out what I'm doing next year.

I recently accepted a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship Grant to teach English in a Belgian university next year.  Starting in September, I will be in Mons, Belgium.  I'm not exactly sure what teaching English means (whether it's language, or literature, or both), but I'm excited to find out.  I'm also excited to be able to use my French in Belgium and learn more about the mélange of Walloon (French speaking) and Flemish cultures in the country.

3.  I went on a field trip to the Minnesota Science Museum.

I'm taking a religion class called "Jesus, Paul, Christian Origins" and we went on a field trip to see the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Minnesota Science Museum in St. Paul.  I had never been to the science center, so it was cool to get up there.  The Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit took us through the discovery of the scrolls, focusing a lot on the importance of archaeological research.  We saw five excerpts from the scrolls themselves, and talked about their significance to Christianity in my class the next week.  I wasn't allowed to take pictures in the exhibit, but here are some views of the Mississippi river out the museum window:

River 1




  • May 3 2010 at 1:12 pm
    Jane's Mom

    Katie -


    HUGE congratulations on the Fulbright - have a great time in Belgium!