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18/F Seeks Study Space for Long-Term Relationship

September 24, 2013 at 5:37 pm

Perfect study space, won't you come to me? I'm an undecided major looking for a genuine relationship with an area that provides the support I need to sit down and concentrate on readings or problem sets. I'm open to places of all identities, so long as there's adequate lighting and a passable WiFi connection. I've gone through some rocky relationships and I need to get them out there so I can start fresh. Here's just a selection:

My Dorm Room

  • Oh, First Burton. Though you are an amazing dorm conveniently attached to the dining hall and campus center, the foot traffic you receive is just too much for a gal without noise-cancelling headphones! How am I supposed to concentrate on a medical sociology reading during mealtimes when hundreds of people are walking down your halls? I wanted to love you, but it's just too much for me to handle.

First Libe

  • Your designation as "Monastery Quiet" was mysterious and a large part of my initial attraction. As I opened my backpack with a zip that was just on the side of too loud, it became apparent I didn't belong. Maybe I'll build up to you another time, but for now I must move on.

The Bald Spot

  • Coming from Northeast Ohio clouds to Minnesota sun was such a shock that I wanted to be with you all the time. Unfortunately, our relationship should probably stay friends-only. You are where I want to hang out, ogle at Carleton, and learn to throw a frisbee, but mixing work with play may not be the best option for me.

Now that my past is out of the way, I know there's a desk or chair or patch of floor out there for me. I just need to find it.


  • Location: Northfield
  • It's NOT okay to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests.
  • Blogger promises she did not spend an hour reading through Craiglist personal ads before posting this.


  • October 14 2013 at 1:27 pm

    Nice post.  I went through the same problem and thought I'd toss my two favorite study spaces out - Boliou or SOAN lounge when I wanted to be less quiet, and the little room adjacent to the ladies' bathroom in the basement of Leighton for cozy secluded studying.  Best of luck in finding your spot!

     Ron '09

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