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5 Things I Missed

October 23, 2013 at 4:08 pm

Even though I've only been at Carleton for six weeks, I've become incredibly attached to all things Carleton. This weekend, besides being break, was also Family Weekend. Unfortunately, I spent this time in Des Moines, so my parents will have to wait until spring to see Northfield. During my downtime waiting for the bus back to Minnesota, I started compiling everything I missed into a list. Here it is, complete with commentary:

  1. The Libe. By some magical turn of events (especially considering my first blog post), I've found my perfect study space in the private Libe study rooms. Since these rooms are in pretty high demand, I've found the best way to stake your claim is to eat at awkward hours (4:45PM dinner, anyone?) so you can grab a free room while everyone else is out dining like a normal person. 
  2. My room, specifically my beanbag chair. My roommate, Audrey, bought a beanbag chair at some point during the second week of school. Since then, I've spent any time I'm not on my bed in my room on this beanbag. Audrey, having finally given up hope of using it herself, has handed it over entirely to me.
  3. Friday flowers. Friday flowers are my favorite Carleton tradition (and also where I've been funnelling any money I have).
  4. Burton Dining Hall brunch. I guess you never really appreciate your compulsory freshman fall term meal plan until you're forced to spend $16 on a terrible hotel "buffet."
  5. The endless number of things to do at Carleton and in Northfield. In the past few weeks I've had the opportunity to learn to juggle (with Carleton's Juggling F.I.S.H.), to swing dance (with the Carleton Rugcutters), and to geocache in downtown Northfield with my fabulous roommate, Audrey. My friends (including fellow admissions blogger, Nick) and I have gone out to dinner at the local Indian restaurant, Chapati, and at fellow Northfield college, St. Olaf.

As you might guess, I'm not thrilled about leaving for the winter. It's terrifying that the term is more than halfway over.

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