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Cows, Colleges, Contentment, and...Costumes?

November 2, 2013 at 10:17 am

I've never been one for Halloween, but Carleton may have changed my mind.

This past week, Carleton went all out with fall spirit. Many clubs had pumpkin carving sessions, most of the residence halls had fall-themed hall dinner and a costume contest, and the cafeterias served such delicacies as "rancid gargoyle puke" and "maggots with toads and smoked slime." The most impressive Halloween effort, however came from the administrative departments.

Needless to say, I have a soft spot for the Admissions Office. While the Business Office's "Leighton Business Ladies" may have won the decorating contest (and, as a result, earned treats from the President's Office), I think the the Admissions Office put on the best show. Drawing from Northfield's slogan "cows, colleges (Carleton), and contentment," the creative team who will soon be reading your ED applications and planning your visits turned Johnson House into a farm. Here are some pictures:

Cow-Themed Admissions Office

Littered about the sidewalk and on the carpet were cow pies...

Cow-Themed Admissions Office 

...which would eventually lead you to some delicious "cow pies" and milk!

Admissions Staff as Cows

The staff dressed up as farmers and cows. If you're struggling to read the lettering on the green shirt, it says "'cow' a bunga."

If you want to view more pictures of the 2013 Halloween Decorating Contest, check out this link:

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