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Fall Term 2013: Complete

November 23, 2013 at 4:41 pm

Though tenth week is tough, Carleton does a good job providing study breaks when you need to detach your fingers from the keyboard or pull your head out of a textbook. Last night, my roommate and I headed to Late Night Breakfast, a Carleton finals week tradition where students can get their pancake and cinnamon roll fix at 10:00PM.

In three days, I'll be back in Ohio. While it will certainly be warmer back in the Buckeye State (Northfield has reached the single-digit temperatures!), packing up my dorm room and turning in my final papers has left me immeasurably sad. Though I've only been at Carleton for 11 weeks (10+New Student Week), this place has become my home. I'm incredibly thankful for the technology (texting, Facebook, Skype) that will allow me to keep in touch with my best friends when chilling on Second Musser or eating mozzarella sticks in Sayles at midnight are not possible for the next six weeks.

Even though college decisions were difficult, I know now I made the right choice coming to Carleton. I love the people, the professors, the organizations, the traditions, and the campus. 

Counting down the days until Winter Term 2014,


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