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Academic Support Center

January 17, 2014 at 10:23 am

Though I've mentioned Carleton's wonderful resources for academic coaching in previous posts, I'd like to use this blog entry to tell all prospies (and current students) about the Academic Support Center and all the assistance that it offers.


Math Skills Center 

The Math Skills Center is a life-saver for anyone taking a math class. Stop by the CMC any day and receive help from the wonderful red-shirted tutors (who don't find the Star Trek references I make nearly as funny as I do - probably because they've heard them all before) or, if you're lucky, Russ Petricka, the supervisor and math expert who can probably even explain linear algebra to cats (he's that good). 

The Writing Center 

Whether you're brainstorming a history essay, citing facts in a lab report, or looking for feedback on your resume and cover letter, the Writing Center can always help. The Writing Center offers 25 or 50 minute consultations for students in writing assignments in any stage and any subject, and also offers drop in appointments (so long as they're not too swamped, which usually happens at the very end of every term). 

Prefect Program 

In classes such as biology, economics, or computer science, you are taking in a lot of information at once. This can be pretty overwhelming, especially when confronted with topics you have never even heard of before). Fortunately, many intro level classes in the physical or social sciences offer prefect sessions, which usually meet two to three times a week. In these sessions, prefects, students who have taken the course before and are specially approved, provide assistance to students who want review or clarification of class material. Even if you feel you understand the class well, prefect sessions often offer new problems so you can prepare for tests or quizzes. 

Academic Skills Coaching 

I want to send a shout-out to Greta Simons, Carleton's academic skills coach. She offers one-on-one meetings with students to work over time management, test preparation, and study skills. Greta gave me a lot of good advice for scheduling, studying, and building relationships with professors, all of which I hope to improve this term.


These aren't the only academic support programs Carleton offers! There is one-on-one tutoring in almost any subject, second language writing support, the Speakeasy (oral presentation skills coaching), advisers, and, of course, professors' office hours. All these programs speak to Carleton's effort to help you succeed, and ensure the school is a place to learn and grow.

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