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Sick Days

January 31, 2014 at 11:34 am

Last weekend I started getting a headache and a sore throat. Guess what I have now?! A cold. I now present to you a few lists I have compiled this week.

A List of Things That Are Really Horrible While Sick at Carleton:

  1. Walking to class during a snowstorm.
  2. Studying for midterms and writing papers with a headache.
  3. Eating what should be delicious fried food in Sayles, but instead choking it down because you're so congested you can't even taste it.

A List of Things You Should Have in Your Dorm Room Should You Get a Cold:

  1. An electric kettle. Even though I live all of 10 steps from the dining hall and am in the same building as Sayles, it's nice not having to leave my room to get tea.
  2. Tissues. Stock up before you need them, or the bookstore cashier will laugh as you pile twelve boxes on the register.
  3. Cold medicine, or a cell phone to text a good friend to run out to Target on a weekday night.

A List of Things That Are Good About Having a Cold At Carleton:

  1. Not feeling well enough to go out means you have plenty of time to re-organize your notes and get ahead on your schoolwork (that is, if you're not sleeping during all your free time...)
  2. Friends and strangers alike offer you tissues and cough drops.
  3. Everyone else is sick. Including the professors.

Here's to getting better and having activities to attend and blog about next week!

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